All new Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7 – Poggles, Burno, and more

Who doesn’t want to squish Poggles’ chubby cheeks?

Images via Riot Games

Just like champion skins in League of Legends, the Little Legends have become an absolute hit of Teamfight Tactics (TFT). The last Little Legends were released for Set 6.5 and the Lunar Revel. As we head into Set 7 though, some new friends have joined Riot’s large collection of adorable companion creatures. Whether you buy, hatch, or play to win them, hopefully, you get your favorite friend this season.


Images via Riot Games

Burno is a new Little Legend, a fresh, fun-loving dragon to add to the roster. His release comes with six different skins. They all are named and cost accordingly:

  • Burno – 750 RP
  • Flametongue Burno – 750 RP
  • Sugarcone Burno – 750 RP
  • Burno the Brilliant – 925 RP
  • PROJECT: Burno – 925 RP
  • Gnarly Burno – Only found in eggs


Images via Riot Games

Poggles is a new Little Legend, the squishiest of spherical drakes, sure to warm up anyone’s day. Just like Burno, he has six different skins. They all are named and cost accordingly:

  • Poggles – 750 RP
  • Flametongue Pogges – 750 RP
  • Deep Sea Poggles – 750 RP
  • Froggo Poggles – 925 RP
  • Sugarcone Poggles – 925 RP
  • Honeybuzz Poggles – Only found in eggs

Dragon Dancer Ossia

Image via Riot Games

Alongside the new Little Legends, Riot also created a new skin for Ossia, giving her scales and horns like a proper mythical beast. You can only get a Dragon Dancer Ossia for yourself if you purchase the battle pass and earn all the way up to her 3-star skin as you play. This is much like the Chaos Penguin or Lucky Fuwa in other seasons.

Choncc The Wise

Image via Riot Games

Choncc has always been a fan favorite Little Legend, so Riot gave him a new skin for Set 7: Dragonlands. Looking like a feathery Asian dragon, this academic Choncc gobbles down mystical items and potions instead of snacks. Much cuddlier than his monstrous Lunar Revel look, eh? As willing as you might be to pay for him, though, you can’t buy him outright. Choncc The Wise can only be found inside eggs.

Egg Sprite

Image via Riot Games

When it comes to seasonal battle passes, each TFT one comes with a cute, simple sprite to go along with all the eggs and emotes. In Set 7, the designers took it a bit literally: say hello to the adorable Egg Sprite, only available by buying this season’s battle pass.

Chibi Yasuo

Image via Riot Games

Just like Vi, Jinx, and Ekko before him, this season brings Chibi Yasuo. This time around, though, Chibi Yasuo comes with his own skin straight out the gate: Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo. If you want to buy Chibi Yasuo for your collection, he costs 1900 RP. You can only find his Dragonmancer skin in eggs, however.