All new Pirate Emporium items in Season Seven of Sea of Thieves

A new line of booty ripe for the plunder.

Image via Rare

Sea of Thieves’ Season Seven has washed ashore, bringing with it a bunch of new features for the most dedicated pirates to enjoy. Every time a new update comes out, you can expect some gameplay additions, cosmetics, and more, and this is no exception. The Pirate Emporium is regularly getting new content that the developers hope to entice you to spend some of your Ancient Coins. Here are all of the items you can get from the Pirate Emporium in Sea of Thieves Season Seven.

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All new items available in the Pirate Emporium for Sea of Thieves Season Seven

Bilge Rat Weapon Pose

This bundle gives your pirate an emote that will change depending on the weapon you have equipped.


Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

The biggest new addition to Sea of Thieves this season is the new Captaincy feature that lets you purchase and rename a ship of your own. With it, there is a new Captaincy tab in the store that you can go to. Here, you can purchase a Ship Renaming Deed for 499 Ancient Coins. Additionally, you can grab one of five Ship’s Crests here that cost 599 Ancient Coins.

Plunder Pass

Image via Rare
Image via Rare

As you can expect with every new season in Sea of Thieves, there is a new Plunder Pass that is purchasable for 999 Ancient Coins (about $10 real-world cash value). All of the Beachcomber ship cosmetics available here look like they were pulled directly off of a deserted tropical island. Additionally, the Baleful Bloom Costume has three different stages to it that will evolve as you progress through the 100 tiers available here.

Portable Portrait Emotes

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The new emotes available in the store let your pirate bring out a frame and pose inside of it. One is available for free.

Wrecker Wrangler Costume

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Available for 999 Ancient Coins, the Wrecker Wrangler Costume puts you in a suit that gives you the appearance of some fearsome creature you would likely see at the very bottom of the sea.

Wrecker Wrangler Fishing Rod

Going with the rest of the Wrecker Wrangler items, there is a fishing rod themed with a fearsome fish at the handle.

Wrecker Wrangler Ship Ship Collection

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You can either buy all of these ship cosmetics in a 2,499 Ancient Coin bundle or buy them separately at various prices.

Wrecker Wrangler Weapon Bundle

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This weapon bundle falls in line with the other Wrecker Wrangler items. It brings new cosmetics for your cutlass, blunderbuss, rifle, and pistol, making them look like the bottom of the sea dwellers.