How to rename ships in Sea of Thieves – How to buy a Renaming Deed

First step: don’t pick a ship name you’ll regret.

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Naming your own ship in Sea of Thieves should come with a sense of pride, but sometimes, names run their course. Whether it’s due to a typo, if it’s outdated, or it doesn’t vibe with you anymore, there are a few reasons why a Captain would want to change the name of their ship. Luckily, ship names are not permanent like a tattoo. But unfortunately, renaming your ship in Sea of Thieves is not a free service, and you’ll have to purchase something in-game called a Renaming Deed to do so.

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Where to buy a Renaming Deed

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On any Outpost, go to the Pirate Emporium; that’s above the Order of Souls tent. You can also access the Emporium on the main menu before starting a session. Speak to the shopkeeper and select the option to browse their stock. Under the Captaincy tab, the first option on the top left is a Ship Renaming Deed. You can purchase one for 499 Ancient Coins, which are the premium currency of Sea of Thieves.

You can earn Ancient Coins from the Plunder Pass, but you’ll get the most from spending real money; 499 Ancient Coins is $5.49 USD.

How to use a Renaming Deed

Once you’ve bought the Ship Renaming Deed, you can only change your ship’s name outside of a live session and in the main menu. Go to My Ships, and in the menu for the ship you want to rename, go down to the Rename option, which is third on the menu. The game will ask you to confirm if you want to use your Renaming Deed. You can only have one Renaming Deed at a time; after consuming one, you’d have to buy another one if you want to yet again change the ship’s name.

Does Ship progress reset after renaming your ship?

Renaming your ship will not undo any progress from your Ship’s Log; all that changes is the name of the ship itself. For all intents and purposes, this will still be the same ship you have been sailing.