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All new symbols and what they mean in Phasmophobia

These symbols are hidden throughout the Phasmophobia game.

The Temptest update for Phasmophobia saw the arrival of the Monkey Paw, allowing players to change certain things about the map while playing the game. Hinted throughout this update reveal were various symbols shown in the featured images, and now players can find those in the game’s lobby. The community has been working together to figure out what these symbols mean, and they do spell out a final clue. Here’s what you need to know about all symbols and their meaning in Phasmophobia.

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There are nine glowing symbols in total that you can find in the lobby when you jump into Phasmophobia. Two of these symbols repeat, so there are seven unique symbols. These glowing symbols appear in the lobby, but you can find them on different maps. Each comes with a unique riddle, requiring you to repeat certain steps to learn what letters they stand for. When you solve all the letters, you can figure out what the Phasmophobia team leaves the hidden message and what awaits you in a future update.

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You can find the riddles on the map, but you will need a UV light to locate the answer, which will be harder to find when you find the symbol riddle.

First glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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Go to the Edgefield Road map for the first symbol and step outside the van. Go to the front of the house, but turn right and go down the alley leading to the small blockade. You’ll find the riddle at this location: “Down the stairs to a chair that rocks, I support the house above.”

The solution to this riddle takes you to the Tanglewood map. You need to make your way down to the basement and locate the rocking chair. Look up from the rocking chair using the UV light, and you’ll see the symbol solution, showing you “I.”

Second glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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You will need to make your way to Ridgeview Court. You can find the riddle outside the house, to the right of the door, under the window. The riddle for this symbol is, “In a place where hands must be seen at all times. I hide where water falls on command.”

This phrase is also shared when you’re at the Prison map. You can find this answer in the Prison showers, and you will need to place your UV light to the right of the batteries, close to the corner of the tiles. The answer to this riddle is ‘T.’

Third glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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For this symbol, make your way over to the Tanglewood map. You’ll find this symbol inside a closet in the back of a house. The riddle for this symbol is, “Emerging from a watery grave, a quiet spot to watch the sunrise.”

This riddle requests that you make your way to Camp Woodwind, the larger map of the campsite, and proceed to the bridge leading out to the water. Stand on the edge of the bridge with the Monkey Paw, and wish for a sunrise. On the ground of the bridge, the symbol stands for ‘O’.

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Fourth glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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You will need to go to the Bleasdale Farmhouse to locate this symbol. It will be on the floorboards, facing the stairs leading to the attic. Before you turn right to enter the attic, look straight, and you’ll find the symbol’s riddle above the boxes. The riddle for this symbol is, “In light rain and snow I never rest, defending fruit from my foes above, bring me a light that keeps me warm.”

The solution to this riddle will take you to the Grafton Farmhouse. You will need to bring a candle with you to this location and proceed outside to the scarecrow. Double-check to light the candle. You will not need the UV light for this one as the candle works for it. When you stand next to the scarecrow, this symbol will turn out to be an ‘N.’

Fifth glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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For this symbol, you can find it on the 13 Willow Street house, in the room on the right side, in the far back of the house, is shown on a whiteboard. The riddle for this symbol requests that you, “Feed me black stones, and the fire will grow, in return I will heat this snowed in hell and home.”

You need to visit the Sunny Meadows map and find the Monkey Paw. When you find the Monkey Paw, ask it to wish for snow, causing snow to fall on the map. Once you’ve done this, make your way into the boiler room where you can find coal, and on the right side of the room you’ll find this symbol, which will stand for.’P’.

Sixth glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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This symbol appears in Camp Woodwind, similar to the answer for the third glowing symbol. You can find it inside the first tent, next to the cools. The riddle for this symbol is, “Peer out from a bedroom window onto a wall, in fog above the basement reveals all.”

You can find the answer to this riddle on 13 Willow Street. You will need to find the Monkeypaw on this map and then wish for Fog. Once you’ve done this, make your way to the master bedroom on the left side of the building above the basement. Point your UV light outside the window facing the basement, and you’ll see that the symbol stands for.’H’.

Seventh glowing symbol in Phasmophobia

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For the final symbol, go to the Prison map, and you need to proceed outside and check on the outside of the truck you leave to the left. It will be on the door. So the riddle is, “Exit the building where learning occurs, to find the start of a maze outside.”

This riddle wants you to go to the Brown High School map and outside. There will be several trees with glowing arrows on them. Follow the arrows to the end, and find the symbol meaning on the side of the building. The symbol stands for ‘E.’

All symbol’s meanings in Phasmophobia

Now that you have every symbol meaning, the letters you have on the left side are ‘I,’ ‘T,’ ‘O’, ‘N,’ ‘P,’ and on the right, you have ‘O’, ‘H,’ ‘E’ and “P.’ These should spell out two different words, with many community members believing it spells out “Point Hope,” referencing a new map set to come to Phasmophobia.

However, this cannot be confirmed until the Phasmophobia developers confirm these findings.

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