All Monkey Paw wishes and their effects in Phasmophobia

What wish do you want to try out first using the Monkey’s Paw?

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The Monkey Paw is a unique item featured in Phasmophobia. It’s one of the many Cursed Possessions that you can find while exploring the game, and there are multiple wishes you can use while holding this item. The Monkey’s Paw does not have unlimited wishes, but it does have a distinct amount of commands you can give while playing. This guide covers all Monkey Paw wishes you can use while playing Phasmophobia.

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Every Monkey Paw wish you can use in Phasmophobia

These commands do have a similar start whenever you want to use them. You need to say, “I wish,” at the beginning of the command, and then you need to say a specific thing after you’ve done this. This should give you several rewards, but there are consequences to using these wishes. Experimenting with the Monkey’s Paw doesn’t hurt to see if you want to use it in future games.

These are all the wishes you can make while holding the Monkey’s Paw. You will need to have a microphone for the voice commands to work.

  • I wish for clear skies – clears up the skies
  • I wish for activity – the ghost acts somewhere in the investigation
  • I wish for anything – A random wish that is rewarded to you and your party
  • I wish for fog – causes the weather to change to fog
  • I wish for knowledge – gives you hints of what type of ghost you’re investigating
  • I wish for life – Revives a teammate, but you die
  • I wish for rain – causes the weather to change to rain
  • I wish for sanity – levels out your sanity (players believe this sets you to 50%)
  • I wish for snow – causes the weather to change to snow
  • I wish for sunrise – causes the weather to change to sunrise
  • I wish the ghost was trapped – this wish locks the front door of the house or building you’re investigating
  • I wish to be safe – Still updating, but players believe this creates a hiding spot in the room you’re standing in
  • I wish to leave – Unlocks the door and allows you to leave during a ghost hunt
  • I wish to see the ghost – spawns the ghost in front of you