All Nightwave Series 3 Glassmaker rewards in Warframe

What goodies are up for grabs?


A new Nightwave Series means new rewards. The Glassmaker has just started in Warframe, giving us a murder mystery to solve, and a lot of free loot to get our hands-on. Completing Acts each day will earn us Glassmaker Standing, which will cause our Nightwave Rank to increase. Each full rank increase gets us access to a new reward, with 30 of them in total. 

We have listed all 30 rewards and the Standing required to hit each tier below. Once you work your way through all the tiers, you can then earn 50 Crystal Credits for each rank after that, and using them to buy items from Nora Night under the Credit Offerings tabs of the main Nightwave menu screen.

You should have plenty of time to earn enough Standing to get all the way through the Ranks. Nightwave is set up so that you don’t need to complete every Act if you want all the rewards, and you can happily skip any that you don’t like, just make sure you don’t skip too many of them.

110000150 Crystal Credits
220000Glassmaker Sigil
330000Weapon Slots x 2
440000Glassmaker Emblem
550000Boolean Sugatra
66000050 Crystal Credits
770000Deadly Maneuvers Mod
8800003 Forma
990000Neura Kubrow Gene-Masking Kit
10100000Cogna Earpiece Operator cosmetic
11110000Orokin Reactor
1212000050 Crystal Credits
1313000020,000 Kuva
14140000Melee Riven Mod
15150000Cogna Oculus Operator cosmetic
1616000050 Crystal Credits
17170000Exilus Adapter
18180000Neura Kavat Gene-Masking Kit
19190000Heuris Polearm Skin
20200000Dizzying Rounds Mod
2121000050 Crystal Credits
22220000Cogna Mask Operator cosmetic
23230000Precision Strike mod
24240000050 Crystal Credits
2525000003 Forma
262600000Umbra Forma
272700000Warframe slot
282800000Boolean Syandana
292900000Frakta Should Guard
303000000Nightwave Landing Craft