How to earn Glassmaker Standing in Warframe Nightwave Series 3

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Glassmaker Patch Notes

Now that Nightwave Series 3 has arrived in Warframe, you may be wondering how to earn Glassmaker Standing. Each season, there is a tier of 30 rewards that you can win, if you earn enough standing.

The main way to get Glassmaker Standing is to complete Acts. Acts are challenges that you get from Nora Night, and finishing them is worth Standing. To check the available acts, you can click on the Nightwave button on the main navigation screen or the menu screen.

Acts are split into three types, Daily, Weekly, and Elite Weekly, and are all worth different amounts of Standing.

  • Daily – 1000 Standing
  • Weekly – 4500 Standing
  • Elite Weekly – 7000 Standing

You also have a set amount of time to finish each challenge. Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts will stay around for 7 days, but Daily ones will go after 3 days. If you miss one, you can repeat it later, as long as you clear out all the other Acts that week. When you clear out all Acts and have some that you didn’t complete in previous weeks, one of them will randomly populate for you.

You can also get standing by killing Cephalite enemies. Cephalite enemies can randomly spawn in your missions, although they currently seem to be quite rare. Killing them will get you 30 Glassmaker Standing for each enemy, and they can drop Cephalite Resonance, which you also need to solve the murder mystery that Glassmaker is built around.

The third, and as far as we can tell, final place to get Glassmaker Standing is by fully solving the crime scenes. They are worth 7000 Standing each.