All Obelisk Locations in Destiny 2


Obelisks have come to Destiny 2. They act like small missions terminals for players to obtain Timelost bounties. They work a little bit like regular bounties, but you need to pay a bit more to add them to your quest log.

Here are all of the Obelisks we know about and their locations:

Tangled Shore Obelisk. You encounter this one during the A Matter of Time quest when you first meet Osiris. To continue through the rest of the Season of Dawn sections, you need to interact with it. You should have no trouble locating it. To unlock it, you need to retrieve several different items from the local enemies, and then collect light orbs (which you can do by using your Guardian’s abilities, Super, or a Masterwork weapon).

Tangled Shore Obelisk Location

Mars Obelisk. You can receive the quest from Osiris called Mars: Obelisk Attunement. Much like the previous Obelisk, you need to obtain components from the local enemies, which are the Hive. You need to collect 50 BrayTech from them. Thankfully, other players are likely doing the Escalation Protocol mission on the planet, so you should have plenty of Hive to take out. After, you need to collect light orbs by doing the previously mentioned tasks.

Mars Obelisk Location

EDZ Obelisk. You’ll receive this quest from Osiris during this year’s release of Dawning 2019. You need to obtain specific components from the Cabal, which you can acquire from the Echion ship in the northwest section of the map. After you receive 50 of those components, you need to fill your Light charge, so you need to kill enemies using your class abilities, Super, and having a Masterwork weapon equipped. After, it’ll unlock and you link it to the Sundial.

EDZ Obelisk Location

Nessus Obelisk. Again, make sure you’ve spoken to Osiris before looking for this Obelisk. When you have, you’ll be able to find it on Nessus in the Exodus Black location. You’ll need to take out 50 Vex to take their components, and then charge up your light to power the Obelisk. When you’re good to go, you can link it up to the Sundial.

Nessus Obelisk Location

We will update this guide when more Obelisks unlock in the game.