All Old Wounds intel mission locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

Time to uncover some new intel.

Image via Activision

A new round of intel missions have arrived for Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone. For those who completed the previous week’s, you can now start on the new set. Each intel location will be on the Verdansk map, and you need to figure out what location you need to visit provided by each clue. We’re going to break down those clues to show you the exact location you need to visit.

You won’t be able to obtain a intel location on a single run. Instead, it has to happen across multiple games. Once you have a piece of intel, finish up your game to work on the next one.

We’ll be updating this guide as learn about each location.

Objective 1

The image for objective one doesn’t give us too much information. It’s the interior location of a desk that looks like the inside of a pale yellow bunker. From what we can guess, and the way we were able to position ourselves, it looks like the bottom of the prison on the highest point at the portion. Grab the coin on the table beneath the prison, and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, some players are still encountering this portion of the intel. You may have to wait for a fix to come through. The exact location is shown below. It’s the small coin on the table.

Objective 2

The next objective is inside the prison. You want to visit a particular cell inside of the facility, on the second floor. It should be the cell on the second floor that is facing the furthest south. Make your way down there, and look at the white vents built into the back of the room. Approach the white vent and obtain your next piece of intel.

Objective 3

The third piece of intel keeps you inside the prison, so we hope you enjoy exploring it here. The objective says a particular person, Perseus, a potential character arriving in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, is being moved to the second block showers. You can reach this part of the prison by going through the main shower area, which looks similar to where you fight the players during the Gulag portion if you die. Keep to the right side of the showers and investigate the cells. The intel piece should be on the back of the toilet.

Objective 4

The fourth objective is slightly easier. The note on the scrap of intel you receive tells you to go to the office above the entrance, which means you need to make your way to the front of the prison and go to the elevated access. You want to make it to the upper level of the prison and the second level, using the two front towers. Go to the center part of the prison’s front, and look for a nice office room with a painting of an officer inside of it. The intel piece is on the desk.

Objective 5

The fifth piece of intel tells you exactly where you need to go. Again, you’re stuck in prison, but now you need to make your way back to the lower levels of prisoner cells. At the bottom of the note, it explicitly tells you that the case you want to find is in cell A3. Make your way prison cells, and look for a small crate tucked in on the left side of the room. You should see it tucked into a corner, right next to a bed.

Objective 6

You can find the sixth intel location right outside the map in the small corner of Verdansk. The intel shows you how someone does not want to die a prisoner inside the prison you’ve been exploring for this entire mission. Be quick to grab without taking too much damage from being outside the zone. If you can catch a decent sight of the intel location, it’s of a backpack, likely of the prisoner who escaped.