Warzone 2’s MW3 Update: Urzikstan Battle Royale Map, Movement Changes, Release Window

The Modern Warfare 3 era of Warzone is set to begin in December. Let’s get up to speed on the changes.

new warzone map

Warzone’s yearly facelift is expansive in the Modern Warfare 3 era. There’s a whole new map that’s overhauled with exciting ways to travel, familiar but revamped mechanics, and a new way to experience Call of Duty’s signature Battle Royale.

This is far from a reheated version of what we had in Al Mazrah. Instead of trying to understand everything all at once, here are the big changes you can expect when getting settled in when the game launches.

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Warzone’s New Map

Urzikstan is a more dense map than Al Mazrah, but it's still going to have a alot of square footage in Warzone.
Image via Activision.

Urzikstan is the new Battle Royale map that will replace Al Mazrah. It’s been described as similar in size to Caldera but promises a more compact experience. There are 11 POIs that make up the core of the map, and getting between them is easier than ever.

Not only are there horizontal ziplines (similar to those of Apex Legends), but players can also catch the train that runs throughout the map. There’s even a conductor’s cart to pump the brakes if you take control of the right car.

Yes, this also means we’re getting a new Gulag. It’s still 1v1 and features three lanes. You will reportedly be able to end up in daytime and nighttime variations throughout a game.

Warzone & MW3: Urzikstan Release Window

As of now, we expect this version of Warzone to kick off around December 5, but that’s yet to be confirmed. This could change as the devs see fit, but for now, expect it to be dropping as an early holiday treat.

Not everything will be available right away though. Call of Duty’s new-age game plan typically holds some content back for the first few weeks, seemingly to ensure a smooth rollout.

Classic Resurgence Maps Return (Eventually)

Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep were iconic parts of the first era of Warzone. They won’t be hitting the game until well after launch, but both maps will return over the course of Modern Warfare 3.

Ashika Island and Vondel will both be hanging around when the game launches, but it’s unconfirmed if all four maps will be available at the same time in the future.

Updated Warzone Movement & Mechanics

Modern Warfare 2's multiplayers is more expansive than ever.
Image via Activision.

Modern Warfare 3’s movement is faster than its predecessor and the gameplay reflects that. Slide Canceling will also return, and while it might not extend your sprint duration anymore, it’s still perfect for catching people off guard.

Warzone 2’s movement mechanics were at the heart of the community’s biggest gripes during MW2. Things moved slower, it was harder to make plays and generally favored more methodical gameplay. Having the ability to slide again should bridge the gap between the two eras without hitting quite the same breakneck pace as something like Rebirth Island.

Warzone Gameplay Changes

Image via Activision

There aren’t too many adjustments to the perks & loadout system. Things will mostly run the same as they do in the current iteration, but there will be balancing tweaks, as well as a few new perks.

  • Shrouded: Drops a Smoke Grenade when you go down
  • Irradiated: Increased Movement Speed inside the Gas, taking less environmental dmg.
  • Resolute: Increased Movement Speed when damaged in general.

Combat Scout, the tracking perk from Modern Warfare (2019) will also be returning to the pool. We’ll also have more control over where our Redeploy Drones get placed, making it much harder for opportunists to trap you in a corner when it’s your only escape.

The Champion’s Quest (Nuke) Contract is still around but won’t be active until after Season 1. This time, if a team dies while trying to complete the contract, you can pick it up and attempt to finish it for yourself. It can only change hands one time though, so you have to go quick to take advantage.

Warzone 2 Quality of Life Changes

Warzone 2 Gas Mask users line up over a body.
Image via Activision.

We’ve seen an abundance of changes to the Gas Mask equipment over the last three years, but those days may finally be over. You can now equip and unequip the safety device at any time, completely eliminating the chance that a stray animation can ruin a game-changing gunfight or stop you from mantling an edge when you’re redeploying.