How to Complete All Santa’s Slayground Challenges in MW3 & Warzone

Santa’s Slayground challenges have arrived in MW3 and Warzone. Use our guide to tick the wholesome holiday rewards off your list.

Santa is raging through Urzikstan this year in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Image via Activision

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Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are channeling the holiday spirit in Santa’s Slayground. If you’re after all the winter-themed goodies, we’ve got a full rundown on how to earn them no matter which game you’re playing.

Call of Duty’s holiday updates always aim big, and Santa’s Slayground is no different. There’s a full rewards track, multiple limited-time modes, and a seasonal makeover for Highrise that brings a little cheer to the drab workplaces that serve as each team’s home base. There are a few run-of-the-mill prizes, but completing the full track is well worth it for the three biggest offerings.

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MW3 & Warzone: Santa’s Slayground Challenges & Rewards

Santa has lost the plot in Warzone's Slay Ride Resurgence.
Image via Activision.

There are seven total challenges and eight rewards to be snagged in Santa’s Slayground, so you won’t be stuck grinding for too long.

If you’ve played a seasonal Call of Duty event before, then you’ll know where to find your Reward path. If this is your first rodeo, load into Call of Duty HQ, select your game, and then look for the Event tab at the top of your screen. It’ll be highlighted in blue, with a timer indicating how much longer you have to collect your rewards.

There are three ways to complete each challenge and claim the associated rewards, and you can get them done in Multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone. Here’s what you’ll be trying to accomplish.

Santa’s Slayground RewardModern Warfare 3 ChallengeZombies Challenge Warzone Challenge
Underbaker Weapon StickerGet 40 Operator Melee Kills w/ Stalker Boots EquippedGet 5 Special Zombie Kills With Melee WeaponsGet 10 Operator Kills With a Marksman Rifle
2X Weapon XP TokenGet 40 Kills w/ a Weapon Picked Up From an Enemy PlayerGet 400 Kills With A Wall Buy WeaponGet 15 Kills With Assault Rifle in Slay Ride Resurgence
Battle Pass Tier SkipGet 100 Operator Kills w/ the DG-58 LSWGet 400 Kills With a Pack-A-Punched DG-58 LSWGet 15 Kills With SMGs in Slay Ride Resurgence
Mistle Toe Weapon CharmGet 6 Operator Kills in Snowball GunfightGet 25 Kills with SnowballsGet 15 Operator Kills With Snowballs
Deadly Knit Calling CardGet 40 Headshot Kills with a Sniper, Battle Rifle, or DMRGet 200 Critical Kills with a Sniper, Battle Rifle, or DMRGet 15 Kills With Snipers in Slay Ride Resurgence
Lil Krampus EmblemGet 30 Kills While Playing Infected HolidayComplete 8 ContractsGet 15 Operator Kills with Snowballs at over 25m
Santa’s Right Hand FinisherGet 5 Operator Kills While Sliding or CrouchingGet 50 Kills w/ Stamin-Up ActivePlace Top 5 in Slay Ride Resurgence 15 times.
Ugliest Sweater DG-58 LSW BlueprintComplete All Other ChallengesComplete All Other ChallengesComplete All Other Challenges

Ugliest Sweater is a Mastery Reward, so there’s not a real challenge associated with it. Just breeze through the others and take it home like a little trophy.

Complete Santa’s Slayground Challenges Fast in MW3 & Warzone

It may be a quick-hitting event already, but we can cut down the time even further with some careful planning. I was able to claim all of the base rewards (except for the Lil’ Krampus emblem) in about three hours of Multiplayer, but the Zombies route seems pretty easy as well.

Unlock Santa's Right Hand Finisher in Modern Warfare 3
Screenshot by Gamepur.

If you want to speedrun them, here’s how I’d do it. Chain as many objectives together as you can. In Multiplayer, Santa’s Right Hand is 10 Sliding (or Crouch) Kills, and the Tier Skip requires 100 Kills with the DG-58 LSW. Pair those up, and throw on Stalker Boots so you can collect melee kills for the Underbaker Weapon Charm. Complete those, and then look for another linking opportunity.

You could load into Zombies and complete 8 Contracts while collecting kills with your Pack-A-Punched DG-58 LSW. You could play Slay Ride Resurgence and take advantage of Overkill being a permanent addition to your loadout by equipping a Sniper and an SMG.

Pick out the combos that feel natural to you and stack them together. It’ll all fall in place pretty quickly that way. Word to the wise – stay away from that 25m Snowball Challenge. You’ll be better off for it.

All in all, it should only take a few hours to tick off everything on your wishlist. For maximum fextive fun, equip that utterly humiliating Finisher, and make the other team feel the sting of getting killed by bloodthirsty elves.