All pets and their effects in Lost Ark

Want your own unique flavor of fuzzy follower? Lost Ark’s pet variety has you covered.

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As cute little followers that don’t engage in any combat, Lost Ark’s pets may be mistaken by players as little more than cosmetic additions to the adventuring party. Having a pet summoned, however, provides passive buffs to the player’s offensive output and defensive capabilities, as well as an auto-loot feature that gathers items dropped on the ground into the player’s inventory.

On top of the statistical bonuses of owning one, finding the right pet can often be as simple as choosing the cutest fur-ball that the player can afford.

Pet effects

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When earned by the player, a pet will roll two effects — one offensive effect and one defensive effect. These two effects apply to the player while the pet bearing them is summoned.

When initially rolled, an offensive perk will be selected from the following table.

  • Improved Crit: +10% boost to Crit (not inherently +10% chance to critically hit, due to the math behind how critical hits are calculated)
  • Improved Domination: +10% boost to Domination
  • Improved Expertise: +10% boost to Expertise
  • Improved Specialization: +10% boost to Specialization
  • Improved Swiftness: +10% boost to Swiftness
  • Improved Endurance: +10% boost to Endurance

Likewise, the one of the following defensive perks is rolled onto a new pet.

  • Antimagic Armor: +10% defense against magic attacks
  • Magick Shield: 5% reduction of incoming magic damage
  • Physical Protection: 5% reduction to incoming physical damage
  • Steel Armor: +10% defense against physical attacks
  • Vitality Training: +5% boost to total health

Pet effects are mathematically applied after those of stat-boosting equipment and card deck bonuses. This allows players to double down on their priorities, like stacking additional Vitality onto Vitality and Vigor-boosting legendary gear to create a maximized health bar. As such, having a pet active at all times can optimize a player’s in-combat performance — doing so essentially for free.

Should a pet roll a sub-optimal or undesirable pairing of pet effects, the player can manually adjust them at the pet management Achatemeows located in Arkesia’s major cities, all at the cost of seven Crystals per changed effect. Rather than re-roll and leave these adjustments to fate (or, more specifically, RNG), the Achatemeows allow for players to select a specific offensive or defensive effect with which to replace their pet’s active perks.

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All available pets

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The following is an exhaustive list of all 122 unique pets that the player can currently own in Lost Ark. Each pet on this list is equipped to bear the same array of pet effects, with each effect applied to the same magnitude. The variations between these pets are mostly cosmetic and rarity-based.

  • Cloaks (Acorn Shupi, Carrot Shuri, Cherry Shuki, Grape Shuna, Icicle Shushu)
  • Totos (Ivory Heart, Mean, Snickering)
  • Foxes (Andrea, Enrico, Franco, Jose, Mario, Simon)
  • Birds (Arong, Barong, Borong, Chorong, Darong, Dorong, Gorong, Hwarong, Porong)
  • Parrots (Barbarrosa, Bonny, Drake, Kidd, O’Malley)
  • Cats (Jamis, Lisette, Nerran)
  • Ghosts (Poiai, Poihoi, Poikoi, Poimui, Poipoi, Poirai)
  • Big Cats (Voldis Leopard, Bilbrin Panther, Shushire Leopard)
  • Bunnies (Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow)
  • Yoholing (Blue, Gold, Red, White)
  • Eggs (Bonbon, Bouncy, Chuchu, Enhance Aid Chuchu)
  • Dogs (Bori, Dusty, Jolmi, Tofu, Yangeng)
  • Gulls (David, Josephine, Lavian)
  • Achatemeows (Brave, Proud, Shy, Splendid)
  • Cows (Brulee, Cacao, Cookie, Custard, Mocha)
  • Totoiki (Bubbly, Cackling, Cheerful, Chipper, Excited, Exuberant, Giggling, Grinning)
  • Lorenzo
  • Coffees (Confident Chocolatti, Stuffy Chocolatti, Tenacious Chocolatti, Nervous Macchiato, Puzzled Macchiato, Shy Macchiato)
  • Chromarong (Excited, Fresh, Happy, Reliable, Soft, Timid, Wet)
  • Penguins (Festive Pepe, Pure Lulu, Cool Pongpong)
  • Frazio (Floppy, Fuzzy, Mean)
  • Pumpkins (Freddie, Jack, Jason)
  • Heavy Walkers (M1, M2, M3, M4)
  • Hawks (Helgachu, Helganew, Helgapim, Helgaron)
  • Starfish (Archie, Dugo, Hook, Pinkie, Sway)
  • Fake Totoiki (Totoange, Totoanmeow, Totoanri, Totoenfant)
  • Guardian Pets (Vertora, Vertorang, Vertori, Vertoto)

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