All popcorn bucket locations in Downtown in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

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Image via Activision

As you head into the Downtown level of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, one of the collectibles is the popcorn bucket. There are a few theaters located in and around the level, so it makes sense for the tasty snack to be one of the items that you need to find.

These are not quite as simple as the collectibles in previous levels and will require some good timing to make sure that you will reach them. Here are the locations of all of the popcorn buckets in the Downtown level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

The first one is a fairly easy grab. Head down into the large town center with the water fountain in the middle. On the far side of your approach will be a large sign for the “Rib Fest.” Make sure you’ve picked up some good speed; ollie up the quarter-pipe and you should be able to reach the top of the sign where the bucket is sitting.

For the second bucket, head back up to where you started your run, but make a left that will take you up the hill. Here, you should see the next bucket on top of the record store. The easiest approach is to head past it and come back around. A simple wallride and ollie should put you on the roof to snag the popcorn.

Next, head further up the hill and you will reach the cinema. It’s bright with plenty of flashing lights, so it’s hard to miss. Head into it, but the bucket is high up on the inside. As you go up the ramp on the inside of the cinema, ollie at the top and you’ll reach the rail. Grind around this and you’ll reach the bucket.

The fourth and final buckets are only accessible by the roof of the nearby building. Exit the cinema to the left and you’ll see a large truck that leads to a corridor in the corner of the building. Head through here and you’ll be taken to a roof that includes a large wooden bowl. There’s a large glass building here with some plants. Break through the glass and you’ll come across the fourth bucket in here.

To finish, if you look out to the direction that you entered the roof, you should see that the building across has a popcorn bucket behind a pane of glass with a small ramp on your side to use. Get some speed from the bowl behind you and head for the ramp. Ollie off it and if you picked up enough speed, you should reach and break through the glass, making it to the building and grabbing the final popcorn bucket.