All purchasable Perks in Rogue Company Battle Zone

Perk up.

Rogue Company Guide Sigrid

Image by Hi-Rez Studios.

Unlike the regular Rogue Company game modes, Battle Zone lets players shop from a universal pool of Perks and gadgets rather than just their Rogue’s personal loadout options. Battle Zone Perks also differ from Rogue Company’s normal selection, with some having altered effects and others offering completely new benefits.

Offensive Perks

  • Quick Hands. Cost: 3,000. Increases your weapon swap and reload speeds. Reloading does not interrupt sprinting. This Perk is an automatic purchase on Round 1, as nothing else at that price comes close to its usefulness.
  • Blaster. Cost: 7,500. Increases your explosive damage by 50%. This applies to gadgets and Rogue abilities, making Blaster a must-have Perk for Trench.
  • Crackshot. Cost: 12,000. Increases headshot damage by 30%.

Defensive Perks

  • Ghost. Cost: 5,000. You become completely immune to revealing effects.
  • Headstrong. Cost: 5,500. Gain 25 additional armor. Since late game damage is obscenely high, getting this Perk in the late game will not make a big difference. Buy early or give it a pass.
  • Tenacity. Cost: 9,000. You take reduced damage from explosives. This Perk is great when playing against Dima, Umbra, or Switchblade, who are all common picks in this Rogue Company mode because of Battle Zone’s circle mechanic.
  • Bulletproof. Cost: 12,000. Gives you 20% damage resistance against enemy firearms. This does not apply to gadgets or Rogue abilities.

Utility and support Perks

  • Stalker. Cost: 2,000. You are no longer slowed while aiming down sights.
  • Padded Steps. Cost: 4,500. Silences your footsteps while walking.
  • Lifeline. Cost: 5,000. Revive teammates 50% faster.
  • Restock. Cost: 6,000. Eliminations restore ammo, and eliminated enemies drop a supply kit that restores your gadgets when picked up.
  • Tracker. Cost: 6,500. Your shots temporarily reveal enemies. You can see enemy footprints.

Regardless of what type of Rogue Company operator you are playing, you should stick to one universal approach: buy Perks early on in a Battle Zone match to maximize their benefits over multiple rounds.