All Roblox Arsenal codes (June 2020)

Try out these codes if you are playing Arsenal in Roblox.

 All Roblox Arsenal codes (June 2020)

Image via Roblox Corporation

Roblox’s game Arsenal sees you fight your way to the top with an arsenal of crazy weapons. This popular game has some codes from the developers you can redeem to give yourself a few unlockable skins, announcers, or money. Here are all of the known active codes.

Where to redeem Roblox Arsenal codes

Before we list off the codes, you will need to know where to go to redeem these codes. When you open the game, look on the left for the Twitter icon. When you click it, a pop-up will give you a box to enter and redeem your code. It is a super simple process. If any of the below codes do not work upon redemption, try to restart the game.

All Roblox Arsenal codes

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Money codes

  • Free money: TROLLFACE or BLOXY
  • 600 B$: Soggy
  • 80 B$: JulyDays!
  • 1200 B$: birth
  • 1800 B$: Spooky-Season

Announcer codes

These codes will change the announcer voices in-game.

  • Bandites announcer voice: Bandites
  • Eprika announcer voice: EPRIKA
  • Flamingo announcer voice: FLAMINGO
  • John announcer voice: JOHN
  • Koneko announcer voice: KITTEN
  • PetrifyTV announcer voice: PET

Skin codes

  • Anna skin: ANNA
  • Jackeryz skin: F00LISH
  • Phoenix skin: CBROX
  • Poke skin: POKE
  • Fanboy skin: ROLVE