The 10 best Roblox War Games

Get the best war experience in Roblox.

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You don’t have to get the newest Call of Duty to get your war experience; you can dive right into Roblox and find plenty of games out there for you to give that to you. From fighting it out on land or sea, you can get just about everything you are looking for in Roblox, thanks to the game’s dedication to creative freedom. If you want to know which ones we think you should check out, then look no further than this list right here.

Castle Clash

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Not every war game has to feature guns, which is why this medieval-themed game is so fun to play. You can hack and slash your way through swarms of enemies and play many different game types.


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Taking part in what is, arguably, the most famous battle in all of history is always something we are drawn to. D-Day brings the events of that historic day to Roblox and does so in an authentic, fun, and impressive fashion.

Frontline: The Great War

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This game aims to bring the World War I experience into Roblox, trying to bring as much of an authentic WWI feeling to Roblox as possible.

Phantom Forces

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A standard team deathmatch kind of game, Phantom Forces pits two teams against each other and even feature such things as muzzle velocity, bullet drop, and more.

Tank Warfare Arcade

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This 5v5 game is less realistic, as you can tell by its name. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less fun; in fact, the entire game is an entertaining, tank-based experience.

Unit 1968

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Just as Frontlines is geared towards bringing you World War I experience, this game is all about bringing the Vietnam War to life. It’s about as realistic as a blocky, cartoonish game like Roblox can get when bringing Vietnam to life.

War Simulator

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This is more of a collection of games rather than one specific game. War Simulator is its own series in Roblox, and they all cover various iconic battles, wars, and more. If you want the most comprehensive experience, then these are the ones to go for.


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This game will give you the naval experience with plenty of ships for you to choose from. It was created in 2015 and continues to grow, to this day, with plenty of updates and features.

Wild Revolvers

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An older kind of war is brought to you in Wild Revolvers, where you can shoot and kill your enemies in the old west. The game comes with a good amount of game modes to try out and explore.

Zeppelin Wars

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A different kind of war game in the skies, Zeppelin Wars, is inspired by an older Roblox game called Zeppelin Battle. You can choose to pilot the zeppelin or just be a part of the crew; either way, it’s a cool, unique experience.