10 Best Roblox Adventure Games

Find your next adventure with this Roblox guide.

Roblox platform is known for offering quality video game content, and there is something for everyone. You could play for hundreds of hours and still not have touched everything the game has to offer. This is mostly thanks to the game’s tools for player content creation and the doors it opens for you. Players can literally create entire games within it.

Today, we are talking specifically about adventure games, as there are plenty of options to choose from and we want to show you which ones are the best.

We are judging this ranking based on community downloads and plays, as what better way to show the quality of a game than with how many people continue to play it? These are at the top of the list for a reason, so before we ramble on too long, here we go:

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Image via RobloxGo.com

This adventure game is designed to play pretty much exactly how a Pokemon game would play and lets you collect over 700 Pokemon, all from different generations of games. You will be able to choose from 21 different starter Pokemon instead of the usual 3, and then you head out to battle AI enemies and gym leaders.

The game has an actual story to follow, too, and the effort that has gone into making this so authentic is truly impressive.

Escape from Toys R’ Us

Image via RobloxGo.com

The title says it all: you have been locked into Toys R’ Us, for whatever reason, and your goal is to escape. You will have to go through tons of crazy obstacles, such as traversing a path of floating chocolate chip cookies and hopefully make it out from the massive toy store.

Escape From Evil Hospital Obby

Image via RobloxGo.com

Another obstacle course has you trying to escape from the titular evil hospital. All of the puzzles and obstacles are well-designed, and the whole thing flows very well. It can be done in a group that can really add fun to the whole experience. Who doesn’t like messing their friends up?

Mega Fun Obby

Image via RobloxGo.com

Touted as the “Most Popular Obby” on Roblox, the Mega Fun Obby has many stages to run through. Like, a LOT of stages to get through; 1720 to be exact. It’s a lot of fun to navigate these puzzles, and with so many stages to get through, there is plenty of content to dive into.

Flood Escape

Image via RobloxGo.com

Another escape room-type adventure, your goal is to get out of the room you are trapped in before the water level rises and kills you. It comes with three different game modes: Training, Multiplayer, and Extreme (which requires 10 wins to unlock). There are even different difficulty levels you play through.

Hide and Seek Extreme

Image via RobloxGo.com

A simple game of hide-and-seek, this game is like a more family-friendly version of Dead by Daylight, as you work to hide from the player who is “It.” A counter at the bottom of the screen lets you know the distance between you and that person, but you have to maintain your awareness as it is still not too difficult for them to sneak up on you. The maps are designed well to have plenty of hiding spots but without the “It” not being able to find anyone.

The Normal Elevator

Image via RobloxGo.com

You and other players are stuck in a constantly-moving elevator that will occasionally stop on random floors, opening its doors to show you a crazy scene to watch or participate in. Some are scary, some are funny, all are entertaining. You may even get instructions from the game’s voice telling you to move somewhere specific to avoid danger.

The whole thing is very simple and entertaining as you are all trapped in a confined space, trying to survive.

Apocalypse Rising

Image via RobloxGo.com

This one is a little more complex as it tasks you with surviving a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other survivors. Many of the servers are packed and full of people to play with whenever you want.

You will need to scavenge for food, drink, and weapons, exploring the impressively-made world. It doesn’t take much to pick up and play but rewards you with plenty to do.

Speed Run 4

Image via RobloxGo.com

Oh boy, if you like speed runs and trying to play something perfectly, this is the game for you. All you have to do is get through each stage as fast as you can. You don’t have to necessarily take it slow, but your overall time will suffer if you go too slow.

It’s awesome for those of us who love to keep honing our skills and beating our times, over and over again.

Lumber Tycoon 2

Image via RobloxGo.com

The top of the list for the community’s list is Lumber Tycoon 2, a game that has you managing a lumber mill. Chop down trees, process logs into planks, and cash them all in. Beyond that is unlocking different tools and machinery to speed up the process and make it easier to succeed.

It’s a deep experience, with a lot of different things to do. It sounds simple, but it has a lot to offer under the surface. It’s no wonder this is the number one adventure game.