All Rusu Mountain Rot Spirit locations in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Find all of the Rot Spirits around Rusu Mountain.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are 13 Rot Spirits to hunt down in Rusu Mountain, and they don’t make themselves easy to find. Okay, so maybe a few of them are easy to spot, but others are pretty well hidden. While you traverse the mountain, make sure to keep a lookout for them. Here are their locations.

By the waterfall

After entering Rusu Mountain, there will be a large body of water in front of you. Go for a swim and head to the left. There are a few areas where you can walk. Keep heading left until you reach the long cliff that runs next to the waterfall. There is a lantern here with a rock next to it. The spirit is under the rock.

After the corruption

After clearing the first corrupted area of Rusu Mountain, look around the clearing to find a rock that the Rot Spirits can lift to see one of their buddies.

Taro’s memory

Shortly after running into Taro’s first memory, you will come across an area with a large dirt slide. Follow the path, jumping from one stone to the next until you reach the top. Turn around and look down the slide. There is a visible area with stone tablets, jump from the edge at the top toward the stone tablets. You will land on a ledge near them. If you land on the dirt, keep jumping, and it is possible to save yourself.

Climbing ledges

The next Rot Spirit is found a little later on. You will come across an area with a bunch of climbing ledges. Jump on the first platform with the tree. Turn to the right to see some more ledges on the large cliff face. Jump over and grab the ledge. Follow them around the cliff face to where another set of stone tablets is. Use your Spirit Pulse to get the Rot Spirit to reveal itself.

More climbing

Staying in the cliffs area, get to the end, just on the other side of the cave. Once you are on solid ground, locate the other climbable cliffs. These will lead you up to an open area with a square stone. Use the Rot Spirits to lift the stone and move it to the left next to the other cliff. Climb up, and you will find the Rot Spirit under a long stone.

Archery challenge area

After obtaining the Spirit Bow ability, you will have one path to take out of the cemetery. Take the stairs and go left at the bottom. Find the three platforms with the red banners above them; to their right is a hanging blue orb. Shoot it with your bow, and the Rot Spirit will appear on the rock below it.

Defeating the Wood Knight

After defeating the Wood Knight, you will automatically get three more Rot Spirits. This will appear after talking to Rusu and obtaining Taro’s knife.

Inside Rusu’s house

Immediately after getting the last Rot Spirits, run inside Rusu’s house. While there are plenty of things to interact with, you will notice that you can have the Rot Spirits interact with the wall of drawers. This will cause a Rot Spirit to pop out.

Clearing with flowers

After talking to Rusu, you are free to wander around. If you look in the direction Rusu is facing, you will notice two passages through a stone wall with a tree on top of it. Go into this area to find a larger, open area. There is a Rot Spirit running around amongst the flowers. Spot it and use Spirit Pulse to stop it and collect it.

On the island

After beating the Wood Knight boss and getting Taro’s knife, head down the mountain by either fast traveling back to the beginning or taking the lift and flower route. Once back down to the water, you will notice an island with a flower on the tree. Shoot the flower to be pulled over to the island. Activate your Spirit Pulse to get the Rot Spirit to appear.

Rusu’s garden

After clearing the corruption from Rusu’s house, explore around it to find his garden. There is a water wheel with two targets on it. Shoot one of the targets to get the water wheel to spin. A Forest Tear will fly out. Take the tear over to the flower to make it bloom. Now use the Forest Tear to make the Rot Spirits revive the plants in the garden. Among the plants is a gourd. Use spirit pulse to make the Rot Spirit jump out of it.