All scroll locations in the Gardens in Moss: Book 2

The scrolls are hidden very well; here’s how to spot them.

Image via Polyarc

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In the mystical Gardens of Moss: Book 2, you will find multiple scrolls throughout your forested journey. Here’s how and where to find all eight scrolls in this level of the game.

#1 – Under the roof

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first scroll can be found in the second area of the Gardens. You’ll see a small brick-covered building to the left of a green block. Press the L2 or R2 buttons to grab the block with your controller and then pull it back towards you. This will reveal a small tunnel behind where the block was. Now, have Quill run around the back and get the first scroll inside the previously unattainable room.

#2 – Hidden near the swing

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Swinging around is fun, but finding the next scroll is even better. You’ll see red thorns around the area. Slash them to get these obstacles out of the way. Jump onto the first platform and run around the back to get to the forefront of the next section. Climb up the vine to the right, take out the red thorns, and jump onto the swing. You’ll need to grab it and move it to the right so the tiny mouse Quill can jump and stand on it. Now, move it briskly to the left to get her to the other side. After that, create vines for Quill to climb on. Make your way to the top and then stop before approaching the exit. Walk down, and you’ll see a hole that reaches a small section on the right with a green glow. Jump down to grab the second scroll.

#3 – Use your new shift powers

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You can find the third scroll inside the room where you gain your new shift ability. It’s where the statue holding the blue stone is. From the statue, go left to the platform with a rope slung over it. And then go up to where the hill is. You can travel by holding the square button, tapping Quill with the R2 button, and pressing square again. Just right of the stalk, you’ll see a passage further up the hill. Shift over there with your new power and go up the hill to get the third scroll.

#4 – A Combat Encounter

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After you go left of the room with the large gates, you’ll be in an encounter with some troublesome bugs. This is somewhat different, however. You’ll need to roll the millipedes in different directions like a pinball game. When you see the golden enemies on a higher platform, you’ll see a way to roll them up the hills beside them. Press the L2 or R2 button to grab them, pull back, and let go in the right direction.

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They’ll be taken out one by one. For the golden enemy in the front, roll the millipede into the hole north of you. After that battle is settled, a blue activation hole will appear. Get the millipede into it to unlock a log. Pull up the log and have Quill ride it up to get the fourth scroll in the back of the room.

#5 – Rotate the Swing

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In the room directly after the encounter, you’ll find a swing that is going vertically over a pool of water. Take out the red vines with your sword and go down to the bottom floor, brushing against the grass as you walk to the other side. Climb on the green vines to the left-hand side and walk on over to the purple device. Slash it to change the swing’s direction to a horizontal motion. After Quill lands on the swing after jumping towards it, lift it up to the top left platform of the area. You’ll see a green scroll at this location, and Quill can easily jump off and grab it.

#6 – Past the swing

In a previous section of the greenhouse, there’s a swing covered in grass. Head to the left side of the swing and jump over by holding R2 on the swing and moving it. You’ll find the green scroll at the top of a staircase in the background of the area.

#7 – Near the mighty mouse statue

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You’ll find the seventh scroll behind the epic mouse with wings statue within the grass. There’s a fight in here that may distract you from finding this collectible. Go near the exit on the left, and you’ll see a hidden passage on the right. Go through the grass, and at the edge on the right, you’ll find the lime green scroll.

#8 – Outside in the gardens

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You’ll find the final scroll outside near a locked gate. Go two areas to the left from the entrance of the greenhouse and then go up north. Once you’re in the area with the locked gate, jump up to a higher platform on the right. Then, form a grass bridge from right to left, and then once you’ve crossed over, make a bridge in the opposite direction to the platform that’s north. You can pick up the last scroll at this spot.