All Shrine of Flooded Embrace journal locations in Sea of Thieves

Going for a Deep Dive.

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For pirates in search of all the secrets within the Shrine of the Flooded Embrace, it can be tricky to find all of the Duke’s journals that are hidden around the Shrine. There are five in total and grabbing all of them will unlock a commendation and bragging rights among other crews on the Sea of Thieves.

Your best bet is to grab them in order without deviating too much, as it is easy to get turned around in the Shrine of the Flooded Embrace.

Journal 1

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This journal is inside the shipwreck you find near the top of the Shrine of the Flooded Embrace. Hug the deck of the ship and go up into the hull. Inside, you’ll find an air pocket where you will be safe from enemies and can explore at your leisure. The first journal is in here, near some yellow coral.

Journal 2

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After collecting the first journal, exit the shipwreck and face south. You will see another shipwreck. Swim under the shelf holding up this shipwreck. Above you, you’ll find a closed door that will let you into that shipwreck. You’ll find yourself in the brig and the second journal will be in there with you.

Journal 3

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After collecting the second journal, exit the shipwreck and go straight down. About halfway down the Shrine, you’ll find a pink Coral Orb and a Siren Window Barrier. Damage the Coral Orb and pass into the air pocket on the other side of the Window. Inside there will be treasure, supplies, and the third journal on some wooden debris.

Journal 4

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Exit the air pocket with the third journal and once again go straight down. You’ll find a shipwreck cleverly disguised with plants and coral. On top of the shipwreck will be the fourth journal.

Journal 5

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You’ll need to be quick to grab the fifth journal. Swim all the way down and look for a shipwreck at the bottom of the shrine. Nearby you’ll see some bright blue coral plants. Swim to them and the final journal will be lying on the wooden debris they are growing out of.