How to enter the Shrine of Flooded Embrace in Sea of Thieves

It involves swimming.

Sea of Thieves Shrine guide Flooded Embrace

Screenshot by Gamepur

The best part of Season 4 of Sea of Thieves is arguably the addition of six new Shrines. Each of the Shrines is not only packed with puzzles, enemies, and loot, but also delivers a unique experience for players who take the time to wander around, investigate each corner and crevice, and discover all the little visual story-telling details scattered about. In this guide, we will walk you through how to enter the Shrine of Flooded Embrace in Sea of Thieves.

First, you will have to lead your ship to the location of the Shrine. The Shrine of Flooded Embrace is located in the N11 quadrant of the sea map, and like other Shrines in Sea of Thieves, its exact position is made clear by a colorful glow visible below the surface. Once you’re just above it, dive in the water and swim straight down. Soon you will see the wrecked, upside-down remains of a small ship atop a mound on the bottom — swim into it through the top, and open the only door in the room you find yourself in.

You will see the entrance to the Shrine of Flooded Embrace, which has arguably the coolest design of all six Shrines in Sea of Thieves. Below the shipwreck is a wide, cavernous tunnel lined with the remains of many other ships. Scattered across the coral are pieces of broken hulls, jutting masts, and other barnacle-covered debris, forming a unique environment. You won’t get the opportunity to admire it for long, however, as you will be immediately attacked by Sirens. After dispatching them, you can descend deeper into the Shrine of Flooded Embrace and start solving its mysteries.