All Sonic characters appearing in Sonic Prime

There’s quite a few recognizable faces.

Image via Netflix

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While Sonic the Hedgehog is definitely the star of his series, he would not have made quite a name for himself without his friends and the iconic competition he goes up against routinely. While some would argue that he has made too many friends in the past, there is a Sonic character for just about anyone. Sonic Prime brings some of those characters out into its interdimensional story. Here are all of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters that appear in Sonic Prime.

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Every Sonic character in Sonic Prime

As you would expect, there are quite a few classic Sonic the Hedgehog characters in Sonic Prime. Of course, we have the speedy blue hedgehog accompanied by his best friend, Tails, with Knuckles and Amy Rose rounding out that main friend group going up against Eggman, or Doctor Robotnik, the mainstay villain of the franchise. Rouge the Bat makes her first series appearance since Sonic X, teaming up with Sonic and pals, and Shadow the Hedgehog is as edgy as ever here.

While not a sizeable addition to the show’s story, Big the Cat and his best friend, Froggy, are also present and interact with Sonic directly. Eggman’s usual right-hand bots, Cubot and Orbot, are here, and that does it for the characters from the games who have any impact on the story.

While the Sonic Prime cast is relatively small compared to the extensive roster of characters throughout the years, there are notable appearances. Flickies, the small birds shoved into Eggman’s robots in the original games, are present here, and there are quite a few classic Badniks fighting against Sonic and his friends. Additionally, Blaze the Cat can be seen walking in the background of Episode 1 at the 20:26 mark. She doesn’t do anything or have any speaking roles, but she is very much present in this world.