All Spirit Mail locations in the Village Heart in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There are two pieces of Spirit Mail hiding in the Village Heart. Here are their locations.


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The Village Heart has a few collectibles for you to find. It is a rather small area when compared to other locations like the Fields. Nevertheless, there are two pieces of Spirit Mail hiding about. Here is where they are located.

Around the elevator

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Once the Fields are complete, you will be tasked with going to the Village Heart. Head towards the objective, but go to the right. Follow the path to the circular area with the elevator in the center that is covered in corruption. There is a Cursed Chest on the bridge in the area. Past that is a house. Head inside to find the Spirit Mail on the table amongst the pottery. 

By the cave entrance

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Start going the way of the objective. This will lead you into a cave. Once inside, don’t go through the door. Go to the left and you will see a ledge you can walk out on. Once outside and look to the right. You should see a few climbing ledges on the cliff across the gap. To get over there, use a bomb on the rocks on the cliffside to make them float. Use them to traverse the gap. Once on the other side, use a bomb on the rock wall and it will blast open revealing the Spirit Mail inside.