All status effects in Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars

We’ve never heard of a Ninja Prophylactic before, but it sounds useful.

Image via Idea Factory International

Action-RPG Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars has a fair amount of status effects to keep in mind while you’re fighting slimes and warriors alike. For example, if you’re poisoned or paralyzed, we have you covered on how to fix that.

In Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars, there are five status effects and two debuffs to be aware of. Here they all are:

  • You can be poisoned or heavily poisoned in the game. It is characterized by green smoke above the character’s head. Like many games before this, poison will gradually decrease your health. It can be removed with Poison Medicine.
  • Neptune and her friends can be paralyzed by electrical attacks. This will cause our heroes to be stunned at frequent moments during a battle, keeping them in place. You’ll see bolts coming out of the characters when this occurs. It can be remedied with Paralyzation Medicine.
  • During some encounters, you’ll be slowed down by menacing enemies. As a result, your movement speed will be impacted, and it will be harder to avoid attacks. Neptune and her team will be covered in purple mist if this occurs. It can be ridden with a Ninja Prophylactic.
  • Dull stops you from using special attacks as your stamina gauge is depleted. Black smoke encircles the character when this occurs. It can be fixed with an Energy Drink.
  • When your character is covered in white, this means that there is a seal status effect placed on them. It stops from using any items, so if your HP is low, you’ll be in significant trouble. Switching out to your other character is highly recommended in these situations. It can be resolved with a Ninja Prophylactic.
  • There are two debuffs in the game: attack power down and defense power down. There is no way to remedy this affliction as far as we can tell.

All of the remedies can be bought at the Market Street store. The Ninja Prophylactic is the most expensive at 800 gold, so use it wisely. The others are much cheaper at 200 and 300 apiece.