All Town of Salem roles, explained

A lovely little town full of vampires, pirates, and witches.

With over 40 roles in Town of Salem, it can be anxiety-inducing when given an unclear role at random at the start of the game. The roles typically deal with either attacking or healing members of the community. However, there are four sets of factions, and those in the same group tend to work together to overtake the rest. Instead of going in blind and alone, be sure to check below to know your ability and teammates.

Town roles

  • Bodyguard: Protects one person each night.
  • Crusader: Protects one person each night; will be notified if a target is attacked.
  • Doctor: Heals one person each night.
  • Escort: Distracts one person each night.
  • Investigator: Investigate someone each night for a clue to their role.
  • Jailor: Choose one person to jail for the night.
  • Lookout: Overlook someone for the night to see who visits them.
  • Mayor: Reveal yourself as mayor. Cannot be whispered to after.
  • Medium: Speak with a living person each night after death.
  • Psychic: Receive a vision each night.
  • Retributionist: Raise one person from the dead.
  • Sheriff: Check each person for suspicious activity each night.
  • Spy: Bug a person’s home each night to see what happens to them.
  • Tracker: See who one person visits each night.
  • Transporter: Choose two to transport each night.
  • Trapper: Set up traps at another player’s home.
  • Vampire Hunter: Ability to check for vampires each night.
  • Veteran: Decide if you will go on alert.
  • Vigilante: Choose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone.

Mafia roles

  • Ambusher: Lie outside a target’s home each night.
  • Blackmailer: choose one player to blackmail each night.
  • Consigliere: Check a person’s role each night.
  • Consort: Distracts someone during the night.
  • Disguiser: Pick a target to disguise yourself as.
  • Forger: Rewrite one person’s will each night.
  • Framer: Frame someone each night.
  • Godfather: Have someone eliminated during the night.
  • Hypnotist: Plant a memory into someone each night.
  • Janitor: Clean one person every night.
  • Mafioso: Carry out Godfather’s orders.

Neutral roles

  • Amnesiac: Remember who you were by selecting a graveyard role.
  • Arsonist: Ignite all gasoline-doused targets.
  • Executioner: Trick the town into lynching your target.
  • Guardian Angel: You will win if your target remains alive.
  • Jester: Trick the town into voting against you.
  • Juggernaut: Attack players on full moon nights.
  • Pirate: Choose a player to plunder each night.
  • Plaguebearer: Infect one player with the plague each night.
  • Serial Killer: Eliminate someone each night.
  • Survivor: Ability to wear a bulletproof vest to remain protected each night.
  • Vampire: Convert others into deadly vampires each night.
  • Werewolf: Transform during full moon nights.
  • Witch: Control another person each night.

Coven roles

  • Coven Leader: Control another person each night.
  • Potion Master: Gift potions to a player each night.
  • Hex Master: Hex one player at night.
  • Medusa: Stone Gaze all visitors at night.
  • Necromancer: Bring back one dead person and use their ability against others.
  • Poisoner: Poison one player at night.