All Tribes of Midgard shift codes (February 2023)

Redeem codes for useful items and rewards in Tribes of Midgard.

Image via Norsfell Games

Tribes of Midgard is being developed by Norsfell Games, but it’s being published by Gearbox, and like several Gearbox games, it comes with the ability to turn in shift codes. The shift codes provide you with unique rewards that you can use in the game, or they give you access to premium currency, depending on the code and the rewards. These are all of the Tribes of Midgard shifts that are available and how to redeem them.

How to redeem shift codes

Before you can redeem any shift codes, you want to create a Gearbox account on their shift code website. After creating a shift code account, you’ll then be able to connect any of your platforms and profiles to it. However, for Tribes of Midgard, your primary concern will be for Steam or your Sony account for PlayStation users.

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All Tribes of Midgard shift codes

Last Checked: February 1, 2023

No new codes today.

The following codes are active in the game.

  • There are currently no working codes.

All expired Tribes of Midgard shift codes

The following codes for Tribes of Midgard have expired and can no longer be redeemed:

  • W5RJB-CFWJ3-ZHZ35-J3J3J-FRHZF—Reward: Maniklo Shield
  • WKRJ3-R59F9-X993K-3T3TJ-5BCHW — Linnorm Costume
  • WW63B-JSW3C-BTBJ3-J3JBB-Z9JWC: Blue Bear Pet
  • 5K6TT-W5RTC-3T3BT-BJ3JT-HR5ZH: Allfather Yule Hat