How to get to Fenrir in Tribes of Midgard

It takes some work to get to Fenrir. Here’s how to reach the saga boss.


Image via Norsfell Games

Fenrir is the boss of the first season of Tribes of Midgard. This wolf of legend can and will put up a fight to stop you from taking them down. The real challenge in defeating Fenrir is not fighting them, it’s finding them. It will take days to discover their location so you can run in and finally put an end to Ragnarok. Here is how to reach Fenrir.

Collect the required materials

There are four types of materials you will need to access the Fenrir boss fight. There is no rush to collect them all, it will take days after all. In total, you will need:

  • 25 Quest Fragments
  • 50 Event Fragments
  • 15 Jotunn Fragments
  • Five Hideout Fragments

Each type of fragment needs to be retrieved in a different way. Quest Fragments are obtained by completing quests. Event Fragments are obtained by completing events. Jotunn Fragments are obtained by killing Jotunns. Lastly, Hideout Fragments are obtained by finding and clearing hideouts.

Locate and repair the bridge

After a few days have passed and you’ve killed your first Jotunn, you will get tasked with repairing the ice bridge. You may end up finding this area before you are given the objective depending on how much searching you’ve done. This bridge leads to Fenrir. To rebuild it, you will need the following materials:

  • 30 Wrought Iron
  • 50 Cut Stone
  • 10 Ancient Cores
  • 2,500 Souls

Make sure to search around a lot to find the materials needed to craft the items for the bridge. Notably, repairing the quarry and lumber mill will help you get the materials at a quicker rate.

Fenrir’s lair is on the other side of the bridge. It will take some searching, but the lair is pretty obvious. It is a larger stone structure that says “lair” when you walk up to the portal on it. Once you give it all the fragments, you can enter the portal and start the boss fight.