All Woods map extraction points in Escape from Tarkov

Time to get out of the woods.

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Woods is one of the older maps in Escape from Tarkov and one of its biggest. No matter where you spawn as a Scav or PMC, you’ll spend at least a few minutes hoofing it to one of the map’s many hot zones. Whether you start in the south and need to go to the Sawmill or Military Camp or in the north and Scav Town is on your radar, you’ll need to make your way a great distance to extract. We’ve listed all sixteen of the Woods extracts here and what you need to do to use them.

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Escape from Tarkov Woods map extraction points

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Like all of Tarkov’s maps, Woods extracts are divided into three varieties: Scav, PMC, and both Scav and PMC. There are far more Scav extracts than there are PMC; as a Scav you’ll have four or five options, and as a PMC you’ll have four. Which of them you’ll need to use will depend on where you enter the map and will always take you through high-threat areas.

Scav Extracts on Woods map — Escape from Tarkov

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There are eight Scav-exclusive extracts on Woods: five in the south and three in the north.

  • Scav House. In the far southwest is a broken-down house. Extraction is inside.
  • Dead-Man’s Place. By the rocks at the southwestern side of the large lake is a dead Scav and a Duffle Bag. Extraction occurs near both.
  • The Boat. Just north of Dead Man’s Place is a dock with a marooned boat. Stand near the wrecked vessel to extract.
  • Old Station. On the southeastern edge of Woods is a blasted-out building. Head inside to extract
  • Eastern Rocks. Follow the wall north from the Old Station until you reach where that wall meets a rocky outcropping. The extraction is there.
  • Mountain Stash. On the southern edge of the mountains in the middle of Woods is a small cavern. You’ll know it by the rope hanging from the side of the cave. Stand near the boxes to extract.
  • Scav Bridge. Far in the north, west of the Abandoned Village, is a bridge leading out of Woods. Stand in the northeastern corner next to the shed to extract.
  • Scav Bunker. Southwest of Scav Bridge, beneath a large communications tower, is a small facility. Look for a set of stairs going underground. Extraction is inside.

PMC Extracts on Woods map — Escape from Tarkov

There are only three PMC-exclusive extracts on Woods, and both are on the eastern side of the map.

  • Northern UN Roadblock. Just south of the Old Sawmill in the northeast is a hastily-built roadblock. Cozy up to the wall to extract.
  • Bridge V-Ex. North of Scav Town is a bridge where a black SUV will wait. Paying the driver 5000 rubles allows for a one-time extraction, provided you’re in the area when the vehicle leaves. If the SUV isn’t there, this extract is unusable.
  • ZB-016. Slightly southwest of the UN Roadblock, hidden amongst the grass, is another small bunker. If there are green flares around the stairway leading down, you can extract from there.

Shared Extracts on Woods map — Escape from Tarkov

The final set of extracts on Woods can be used by either Scavs or PMCs.

  • Outskirts. At the southwestern tip of Woods are an old, blue pick-up truck and some crates. Stand near them to extract.
  • ZB-014. Northwest of both Scav House and Outskirts, in another bunker, is the ZB-014 extract. It’s only available if you can see green flares, and you will also need the ZB-014 Key to unlock the gate.
  • RUAF Roadblock. Southwest of the Military Camp near the lake’s edge is another roadblock. If green flares are present, it’s usable.
  • Factory Gate. Directly east of the RUAF Roadblock, on the southern side of the southmost road, is a large red gate. Stand by the door to extract.
  • UN Roadblock. In the southeasternmost corner of Woods is a pair of gates. Passing through the first will put you near a white pick-up truck and some debris. Stand near them to extract.