The 10 most important keybinds to learn in Escape from Tarkov

One click could save your life.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are dozens of keybinds in Escape from Tarkov, and you’ll want to eventually learn all of them to help your menuing in the middle of a contested raid. Some of them are obvious enough: tab opens the menu, R reloads your weapon, and X makes you go prone. Others are much less intuitive but far more important. The keybinds we’re covering here are some of the most important to memorize, as once you know them, you’ll use them every raid you run.

The keybinds you need to know in Escape from Tarkov

While you can customize your keybinds in Tarkov or rebind them to a button on your mouse for easier access, there are so many, and so many you’ll often use, that keeping them as default is more convenient. We’re presenting only the default binds today.

  • Press B: Check your weapon’s fire mode
  • Press C + Mouse Wheel: Dynamically adjust your walking speed and, thus how much sound you make.
  • Press T: Toggle your laser or flashlight device
  • Left Alt: Hold your breath to steady your aim.
  • Left Alt + Left Mouse Button: Equip gear automatically to the appropriate slot from your inventory.
  • Left Alt+ Right Mouse Button: Switch between your weapon sight’s magnification settings, should it have them.
  • Left Alt + T: Check how many rounds remain in your equipped weapon’s magazine.
  • Left Control + Left Mouse Button: Move an item to your chest rig, backpack, or pockets, depending on what kind of item it is.
  • Left Control + Right Mouse Button: Switch between your weapon’s sights, should you be able.
  • Left Shift+ T: Check your weapon’s chamber or clear a weapon malfunction.
  • Middle Mouse Button: Hold to free look while moving. In the interface, while in raid: examine items, check your magazine and estimate current ammo count, and fold your weapon.
  • Press Delete (not Backspace): Discard an item while your cursor is on an item in your inventory.

These aren’t all of the keybinds you’ll want to learn, but they are some of the most useful in day-to-day gameplay. Tarkov is part shooter, part looter, and a much larger part of inventory management. If you want to make it out of your raids quickly and loaded with as much loot as you can carry, knowing these binds will definitely help.