5 Best Scav Raid maps in Escape from Tarkov

All the loot you can carry.

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Playing as a Scav in Escape from Tarkov is a great way to chill out in an intense game. You go in with almost nothing, and dying costs you only what you find in the Raid. However, if you want to get out with a good amount of loot, you will want to pick the right map to loot when Scav-ing. While you should use your Scav time to learn maps you don’t already know, if you’re after some quick cash or to experiment with PvP without the possibility of punishment, these are the best Scav raids in Tarkov.

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Escape from Tarkov best Scav raid maps — Our top 5 picks


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One of the game’s smaller maps, Customs is nonetheless home to some of its easiest-to-find loot and easiest-to-reach hot zones. The Crack House and Fortress at the center of the map are two of the highest-trafficked locations on Customs, and even if they’ve been picked clean, odds are there’s another dead Scav or even a PMC body you can loot. In our experience, the second floor of Fortress is rarely looted, even 20-25 minutes into a Raid, and there’s the odd chance Crack House has a few goodies. The Warehouses on either side of the map and Dorms in the south are also good spots for juicy leftovers.


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Few maps are as jam-packed with loot as Interchange. There are tons of potential paths as well. One of the best is to canvas the parking garage for Weapon Boxes and Duffle Bags, then head into either Oli, Idea, or the Goshan grocery store for Tech, Tools, and Food, respectively. The map is big enough that if you steer clear of the various storefronts where a lot of the reaction happens, you can easily collect a full backpack of loot and have to leave even more behind.


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Don’t let Lighthouse’s size deter you. If you head to the Chalet or Resort areas in the east or the Water Treatment Plant in the north, you’re bound to find something of value. Beware, however: Lighthouse is one of the more contested zones thanks to a bevy of safes, the eponymous lighthouse in the south, its valuable loot for Lightkeeper title holders, and the general quality of what you can pull from the place. If you embrace your inner rat or pick your battles wisely, there’s too much good stuff here for dozens of PMCs to take.

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Streets of Tarkov

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Streets is an absolute treasure trove, with an almost infinite number of possible loot paths, from the abandoned construction site to the Bear Camp, the dozens of apartments, and other nooks and crannies. There’s also how early player Scavs enter a Streets raid, making it easy to gang up into Scav armies of five or six and hunt the PMCs undoubtedly looking to cash in. Better still, you can stick to a single area of Streets and leave with an overloaded pack and at least a few expensive items. There’s no requirement to see the whole map to get your money’s worth.


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As big and empty as Woods seems, it’s few hot zones are so hot that there’s almost always a fresh PMC corpse at either the Military Camp or the Sawmill. Both locations are in the south, but if you arrive up north, you’ve got Scav Town, a haven for AI Scavs and littered with houses filled with loot spawns. No matter which area you enter the map, there will be plenty of opportunities to not only pick up what your fellow Scavs left behind, but you might also find some of the best gear in the game some poor PMC left behind. We’ve seen up to three PMC bodies and several additional Scavs at the Military Camp alone, so if you need almost guaranteed loot, there are few places better.