Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle — All World Bosses locations, how to defeat them, and rewards

Challenging, but rewarding.

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As with all new locations in Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle comes packed with several new World Bosses for you to contend with. These bosses are challenging encounters and are tough to solo unless you are a veteran with a highly geared Companion. However, you can always conscript some other players to help you take them down.

All World Bosses locations (Map)

Here’s all the World Bosses in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle.

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What are the rewards for defeating World Bosses in ESO: High Isle

Your rewards for defeating these World Bosses range from High Isle gear, random drops such as crafting materials and resources, unique once-only drops like leads for upgraded Tales of Tribute cards, and more.

Tips to defeat all World Bosses in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Here’s the list of World Bosses and strategies for taking them down:

  • The Sable Knight
    • Sable Knight will summon undead adds periodically throughout the fight, but will primarily deal heavy damage through melee attacks and a very fast circular AoE that can kill lower-health players in one shot.
  • Serpent Caller Vinsha
    • Vinsha will dodge in and around many of your attacks, and will also summon several Viper adds that will fire electric attacks at you. She will also lay traps to immobilize you, so stay mobile to avoid getting caught in her AoEs.
  • Eldertide Theurges
    • These two bosses will attack you at once, throwing down spells and covering the arena in AoE nastiness that you want to avoid. You can kill either of them first; it doesn’t matter which one you take out before the other.
  • Hadoiid Matron
    • This boss will spawn several add Hadoiids throughout the fight, while occasionally casting AoEs to cover sections of the arena. Matron is mobile, occasionally leaping from one side of the arena to another.
  • Glemyos Wildborn
    • Glemyos will spawn Stag adds that must be killed immediately, as they do high damage over time if left alone. Glemyos will also spawn a slowly moving wall of spirits that, if you come into contact with it, will kill you unless you have high health. There is always a gap, however, so the trick is to spin the camera and locate it. This boss occasionally bugs out, so you may need to disengage it entirely if you find that you cannot damage it anymore.
  • Ascendent Executioner and Ascendant Harrower
    • These two team up to deal a combination of physical and magical damage, while occasionally summon ghost adds that will explode. In additional, the Harrower will use wide-range AoEs to deal damage, while the Executioner will charge around the arena.