Atlas: How to get a Ramshackle Sloop quickly

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A pirate without a boat is only a man. Maybe a drunk man. “A man without his boat is not a pirate. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a pirate, but he is NOT a porn star!”.

So, what is your first thought when you open Atlas? Yes, find a boat. This boat is a sloop and with this guide, you can learn the difference between a man with a bottle of Rhum and a man with a bottle of Rhum on a sloop.

Atlas How to get a Sloop quickly

What is a “Sloop”?

The Sloop is a sailing boat with a single mast and a fore-and-aft rig. Usually, it has only on head-sail but there are several version with two or more.

The Sloops can have different names each of one derived by the number of head-sail on the boat, so you can have Bermuda, the Gaff or the Cutter.

Is this information important for your adventure in Atlas? Absolutely not, but culture is always important. Yes, you’re right: for a pirate, the only important thing is sailing around the world. And the Rhum. Ok, two things.

How to get a Sloop quickly

In Atlas, you’re a pirate and as a pirate, you can attack another person or steal from them items or similar, so how can you obtain a sloop quickly ? Stealing it from another player? No, buying it.

Spoiler alert: you aren’t a real pirate in Atlas.

The quickest way to get a Sloop in Atlas is to purchase it (the Ramshackle Sloop can be your first sloop) from any ship salesman (there are usually in every Freeport).

The Ramshackle Sloop needs a bunch of resources but is the cheapest best sloop in the entire game.

So, in order to purchase it, you need to get:

  • 75 x Hide
  • 250 x Wood
  • 225 x Fiber

Are you ready to “YAAAAR” around the sea?