Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey – Increasing Cold Resistance and Making a Fire


A basic need for people and many creatures is to feel warm, especially while enduring trying conditions. Rain and cold are some harsh elements to handle and deal with for almost any animal. In Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey, you’re going to struggle with keeping yourself and your clanmates warm with the heavy rains pouring down around you. Unfortunately, it’s going to take an extremely long time to make fire. As such, you need to know of some alternatives to keeping warm, without relying on the radiating heat of a flame.

How to Make Fire and Other Items in Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey

Unfortunately, as of right now, we have not had the chance to make a fire in Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey. It’s likely one of the later abilities and skills you pick up to use with your clan later on in the game. So right now, we get a little creative on how we stay warm when the rains come through, or the temperature starts to lower.

You’re on the search for a unique, red leaf called Khat. You can find this herbal item on bushes. You’re more likely to run into them close to water. If you find yourself searching exclusively for water, take a little time to pick up a few Khat on your way around them to collect and reserve. You don’t want to need them, and then find yourself with none of them available for you to use.

There are two methods you can do to eat Khat and increases your cold resistance. The first is directly eating the plant when you find it. Consuming the plant gives you a small cold resistance. However, if you eat three or four of them, you’re going to fill your cold resistance for a good chunk of time. You might have guessed, directly eating the plant is probably the worst way to raise your cold resistance because you’re going to waste a lot of it. You want to optimize the amount you can get out from a single plant, rather than wasting so many.

The alternative is to grind it up using a grinder. With your granite grinder, you can create a paste-like substance you can now use. You’re going to apply it to your form, increasing your cold resistance all the way up. Using the grinder on the leaves gives you the most for what you have, so unless you have no way of accessing your grinder, you want to save those Khat for it.

When we learn how to create fire in the game, we’re going to update this guide. For now, focus on gathering up Khat plants near water, and keep yourself warm while you’re trying to explore the rainy Savanna.