Anniversary Sync Pair N and Reshiram moves in Pokémon Masters EX

Another Fire-type Pokémon is coming to the game.

Image via DeNA

N and Reshiram unit is one of the three new Snyc Pairs coming to Pokémon Masters. The pair from Unova is the featured Sync Pair for Two-Year Aniversary celebration rally and possess Fire-type attributes. Here is a complete breakdown of the Sync Pair and all its moves.

N and Reshiram moveset

N and Reshiram’s Sync Pair is a Tech unit, weak to Dragon-type moves. Reshiram is a bulky Pokémon with decent Attack stats. The Sync Pair posses two passive abilities, which are as follows-

  • Unova Flag Bearer: Increases the power level of ally Sync Pairs’ moves by 10% and reduces the move damage taken by 10%. Furthermore, for each additional Hoenn Sync Pair in your team, the power level of moves increases by 10% (upto 30%), and damage taken by enemy moves is reduced by 3% (upto 26%). 
  • Extend Rage: When the Sync Pair successfully uses a move that targets itself or the allies, it gains access to all the ally Sync Pairs’ passive abilities for that turn. Similarly, when it successfully uses a move on the foe, it gains access to all the opposing Sync Pairs’ passive abilities for that turn.

N and Reshiram moves are as follows-

  • Blue Flare (4-gauge move): Deals damage between 184-220 and has a 20% chance of inflicting Burn on opponents.
  • Dire Hit+ (2 usages): Increases user’s Critical-Hit Rate by two ranks.
  • Noble Roar (2-gauge move): Reduces the target’s Attack and Sp.Atk by one rank.
  • Truth Will Prevail (2 usages): Applies Move Gauge Acceleration buff to allies active in the battle. Increases the user’s Sp.Atk by three and Accuracy by one rank.
  • Blue Flare to Change the World (Sync move): Deals damage between 200-240. Additionally, the lower the unit’s stats are, the more damage Sync move dishes out.

N and Reshiram boast a powerful kit with high damage output potential. Using the Blue Flare move, the unit can dish out insane damage and apply Burn debuff. It is a self-sustainable Sync pair and does not rely on other units to buff up the damage. Furthermore, it is a tanky Sync Pair and can absorb a decent amount of damage.

Should you pull for N and Raeshiram

Although the Sync pair is a powerhouse, similar units are present with the same purpose. Syng Suit Red with Charizard and SS Leon with Eternatus are both Fire-type capable of dishing out the same amount of damage. However, players that do not own a solid Fire-type can summon for N and Reshiram. Additionally, it is one of the only few Sync Pairs that can reliably increase its own damage.