Anno 1800 – How To Buy Shares In A Rival Company

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Anno 1800 is all about the economic dominance of both the map and your opponents. You need to build up your city, master your production chains, and explore the map to find success. One of the things that make all this so hard is that AI players are trying to do the same thing. But what if you could take advantage of their success?

How To Buy Shares In A Rival Company

How To Buy Shares

In Anno 1800 you can purchase shares in rival islands, allowing you to benefit from their profits. If you can afford to buy enough shares, you can even stage a hostile takeover, seizing their means of production for yourself via the awesome power of capitalism.

To purchase shares in an enemies island, all you need to do is scroll over the island in the game, then click the small pie chart next to the island details in the top center of the screen. Now, a screen will open featuring the pie chart, and you just click on a segment to buy the shares. Pay close attention to the cost, as this is not a cheap option! If you do want to buy the shares, then just click on Accept.

It is worth trying to buy shares in your rivals pretty early in the game, as the returns can be good, and go a long way towards helping you establish your own island as an economic powerhouse. Keep in mind, that you are buying shares in the island, not the company, so if a rival has more than one island, then you will only benefit from the island you have purchased the shares in.