Anno 1800 – What Are Items, And What Do They Do?

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In Anno 1800, Items are special upgrades that can be placed in certain buildings. They can have an effect on residents, production levels, harbor buildings and ships. These items can give you subtle advantages that make success for your city more likely.

What Are Items, And What Do They Do?

There are four different types of items in the game, and they all have different effects.

  • Cultural Items will boost the attractiveness of your city. These come in the form of animals for the zoo, or artifacts for the museum.
  • Specialist Items will take the form of captains, adventures or skilled craftsmen.
  • Consumables are items with limited one-time usage, such as dynamite.
  • Machines can be used to increase productivity.


Items can be equipped in Trade Unions, the Town Hall, or the Harbormasters Office, the Zoo or the Museum to provide their various benefits. As you can see in the image above, the Drill Item can be used in the Trade Union to increase productivity, but at an increase in maintenance cost. The light purple circle shown around the highlighted Trade Union shows the area of influence that this item will them have.

Items can be gotten in a multitude of ways in Anno 1800. Trading, quests, going on expeditions and doing exhibitions can all result in items that could prove to be very useful to you as you look to expand your city.

To best take advantage of items, you will want to build your Trade Union in a place that is surrounded by various factories or businesses, this way you can affect as many of them as possible with a single Item.