How Anthem’s Luck Stat Works

There’s a stat in Anthem known as Luck, which drops for weapons, components, and support items. But there is little to no information in the game that shares what this stat is and how it works.

Thankfully, someone on Anthem’s team answered this question, and Reddit users have been compiling data on the effects of this stat.

What is The Luck Stat?

The luck stat gives a player a higher chance to loot better items. Anthem’s lead producer, Ben Irving, confirmed this information when a fan was bold enough to ask this question on Twitter.

While this did not unearth the more exceptional details of the stat, it did provide players with a better idea with why the Luck stat was important. The higher a player’s luck, the better chance they have in looting a better rarity of the item. You can stack this stat by having your Javelin wield multiple pieces of equipment with the stat attached to them.

What this means is that when an item drops, the quality of the equipment gets randomly rolled. However, with a high enough luck stat, a player can use this to influence the quality of the drop. If the roll was set to drop an Uncommon item, a player’s luck could change it to Rare. So, if a Rare item was set to fall, a player’s luck could change it to Epic.

This information is critical to know, and players took to Reddit to share how much it can influence the game.

Because players took notice of the Luck stat early on, they’ve already started to compile information on Reddit. Here’s the thread. The original poster in the thread, Kiriza, requested information from other players about their own experiences in the game regarding the luck stat and how often they receive specific drops. User Kiriza crafted several charts showing how high a player’s luck had to be to increase their chances of obtaining higher quality items, based on the initial drop and the possibility of it becoming a level better.

With this discovery, you may want to rethink scraping that lower leveled item because it could have a luck stat attached to it. You should hold on to those items for longer, increasing the chances of receiving even better equipment in the future.