Anthem Outlaw Locations and Farming Guide

In Anthem, the outlaw enemy faction is the toughest to find while exploring the game’s open world area. You can locate the Dominion and the Scar running around, almost everywhere, but the outlaws are significantly more challenging to find.

Here you’re going to find some of the more notable outlaw locations in Anthem’s freeplay mode, and also some tips on how to farm them.

Anthem’s Outlaws And Their Most Notorious Locations

Great Falls Canyon

Outlaws in Great Falls Canyon

In Great Falls Canyon, you’re most likely going to find Outlaws on the southern section of this area. In the highest circle, I had stumbled upon a location where they were consistently spawning, after every time I took down a small wave. I was in Grandmaster 1 mode at the time, so it may have something to do with that. This same location does have a chance to spawn Skorpions, though. The southern circle generally has outlaws patrolling the waters, as they have a notable footprint in the next area, Valley of Tarsis

Valley of Tarsis

Outlaws in Valley of Tarsis

The Outlaws in this area prefer to keep to the northern section of the map. You can find them with a small outpost in the abandoned buildings section to the east, along with them patrolling the streams to the west. When you start venturing south, you may encounter outlaws fighting against Scars for territory. Every so often during a free play run, you may meet legendary outlaw lancers in this location, but they’re rare — and challenging to take down when you run into them.

Academy Ruins

Outlaws in the Academy Ruins

The Acamedy Ruin is the outlaw’s central territory. Every time I’m in this location, I’ve seen them all over the place. Every now and again, in the northern circle, I’ve run across them duking it out with Scars or Dominion, but they’re most wandering around these areas. If you’re hellbent on only running into outlaws, you want to run through the Acamdey Ruins again and again to find them. Sometimes, you may even get lucky and have a world event spawn, and then you’ll be up to your neck in outlaw fights.

Fortress of Dawn

Outlaws in Fortress of Dawn

Unfortunately, this location doesn’t always spawn outlaws at a reliable rate. I’ve seen them generate in this circle before, but I’ve returned here during another free play, and instead, I get greeted by Dominion or Skorpions. Regardless, it’s worth checking out this location after you’ve finished running through the Academy Ruins. If anything, there’s the chance for an outlaw world event to show up here, which is always great.

Farming Outlaws

The best way to farm outlaws in Anthem is to sweep through their three prominent locations: Academy Ruins, Valley of Tarsis, and Grand Fall Canyons. You do have a chance of discovering small spawns of them all over the map. However, these are the most reliable areas to find them and have world events occur with them as the lead villains.

Outside of running throughout the free play mode? You can go through the contracts provided by the three agents in Fort Tarsis. The contracts provide a single faction as the main adversary, and after you’ve gone through the cycle a few times, you’re going to notice a pattern when outlaws crop up. While it does force you to fight through hordes of factions you’re not gunning for, it does make for an excellent grind for loot.

After you’ve run through the world a few times, a great, hidden location for you to visit is called The Hollow. Inside, you’re going to find a cave full of outlaws deep inside. You’re going to learn this is a tight area, though. Unlike the rest of Anthem’s free play area, there’s not as much room to maneuver, making it difficult for most Javelins to use their air superiority. For those on a higher difficulty, you may want to bring a friend. Here’s the location of The Hollow, for those wondering where to go.

The Hollow

It makes sense it’s filled with outlaws, due to it being inside the Academy Ruins area. You can frequent this location and kill as many outlaws as you can handle.