Anthem Solo Play Guide: Can You Play Anthem Solo?


Anthem, Bioware’s highly anticipated co-op shooter, is designed from the ground up with cooperative play in mind. Although, fans of Bioware’s previous story-focused titles may want to experience Bioware’s next epic solo. The good news is that you antisocial gamers can tackle the world Anthem alone but only in limited/specific conditions.

Can You Play Anthem Solo?

Where Lone Wolves Roam

So far, solo play is only available in “private expeditions” and “story modes.” To start a “private expeditions,” select the option under the squad tab before launching into a mission. Story missions are selectable in a similar manner, but this is currently as far as you lone wolves can roam for now.

There Is No I.

Unfortunately, you’ll be forced to cooperate with either strangers or friends in the “stronghold” and “free play” modes. While the mere concept of working with another human being may repulse you, you’ll be able to earn better gear and face more significant challenges when taking on enemies with other players.