Anthem: Vanishing Act Mission Puzzle Solution Guide

When playing the Vanishing Act mission in Anthem, you will eventually come to a puzzle portion. It is not that difficult, but as you need to solve it while fighting enemies, it can be a little hard to concentrate.

How To Solve The Vanishing Act Puzzle

The puzzle consists of 4 large plates on the walls of a massive chamber. The plates include four layers of symbols, all mixed up. What you need to do is get the right symbols to line up. On the center of each plate is one symbol that rotates on its own, and this is the one you need to watch. As it lines up with the same symbol on the next plate, hold the interact button on the small pedestal in front of the plate.

The rotation of the symbols will then sync up, and lock in with each other. Continue this until all four symbols are synced, then move on to the next plate. Once again, the middle of the plate will let you know which symbol you need to line up, then get all four symbols spinning together.

Once you have all four plates completed, the puzzle is done. It can be a little awkward, as enemies will spawn in and attack you from time to time. If you are playing with friends, it can help to have one person dedicated to dealing with these enemies, while the rest take care of the puzzles.