Which edition of Bioware’s Anthem should you buy?

Believe it or not, Bioware’s next AAA title; Anthem, officially launches on February 22, 2019, for all platforms. With EA’s unique release strategy, some gamers may be confused about when/how they can finally get their hands on the game. Luckily, EA was kind enough to release a chart that details the release times for fans (see the table below).

Anthem cycle

Anthem Standard Edition vs Legion of Dawn Edition, Differences?

Now that you finally understand which tier of importance you fall into within EA, which version should you buy? Well ignoring the subscription to EA’s origin access program, there are two versions of the game that fans can currently preorder. The standard edition of the game will, of course, get you the base game along with other bonuses if you preorder Anthem. These exclusive items include the “The Ranger Legion of Dawn Armor Pack,” “Legendary weapon,” “Founders player banner,” and VIP access to the demo. Of course, the demo has already come and gone, but preordering would have allowed gamers even more playtime. Eager players will also receive an exclusive Anthem theme for pre-ordering. The standard version will set you back $59.99.

And finally, there’s the “Legion of Dawn Edition” which gives you everything listed above plus even more exclusive in-game items that show off your dedication. You’ll also receive a digital soundtrack of the game as another bonus. This version of the game will cost $79.99. So, which version should you get? Well if you’re somewhat curious about Anthem and had a decent time with the public demo, I’d highly recommend the standard version. However, if you’ve been continuously rewatching Anthem trailers since the game’s reveal and can’t stop thinking about the game, maybe the premium edition of the game is for you. Although, while the bonuses may seem nice at face value, they don’t seem entirely necessary to get the most out of your Anthem experience.

Anthem launches for PC, PS4, and XBO on February 22, 2019.