How the Battle Armor event works in Apex Legends

Spawn with armor and wreak havoc.

Fully Evolved Evo

In Apex Legends, it’s not uncommon plan your willingness to fight around what armor (body shield) you and your teammates have, and what armor the enemy squad has. In the Battle Armor event, that game dynamic of the game is going to change.

Instead of hunting for armor along with the other loot options, all players will spawn with the same type of armor already on, a P2020 in hand, and there will be no armor elsewhere on the map.

The Battle Armor game mode will be available on April 28 and will come to a close on May 12, the new final day of Season 4. Season 4 has been extended by one week both to allot more time for the event, and give players a little extra time to complete their battle passes or rank up in ranked.

Within the event’s timeframe as a whole, there are four phases of the new game mode, each with their own smaller timeframe. The phase will determine which armor all players will spawn with. Phase changes occur at 10 am PDT/1 pm EST.

Battle Armor game mode schedule

  • Level 1 (White/Common) armor
    April 28 – May 2
  • Level 2 (Blue/Rare) armor
    May 2 – May 6
  • Level 3 (Purple/Epic) armor
    May 6 – May 9
  • Evo Armor
    May 9 – May 12

The Evo Armor phase of the event is definitely the most highly anticipated. Players have been asking for an evo-only game mode since the release of the Evo Shield itself. Because the Evo Armor levels up when damage is dealt, it will discourage camping, but also encourage sniping, so it will be interesting to see how an Evo-only game mode will play out.

During the Evo Armor portion of the Battle Armor event only (May 9 – May 12 only), every time a squad makes it into the top 5, they will all receive double XP.

It’s clear from the introduction of this event that armor in Apex Legends as a whole might be seeing a major change in the near future, whether it be bringing Evo Armor to the forefront, or something else entirely, Season 5 may look quite a bit different from all of the seasons past in terms of gearing up.

Note: There will be no Level 4 (Gold/Legendary) armor available in any iteration of this game mode.