Shining Nikki codes (February 2023)

The world depends on being adorable.

Shining Nikki redeem codes

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Sometimes you want a game full of action and danger. Other times, you are just looking to show off your fashion muscles. Shining Nikki lets you do both, with a fashion-based combat system and all the outfits and accessories you could possibly want. Guide Nikki as she attempts to save the land of Miraland with the power of looking adorable.

Saving the world isn’t cheap, so you’ll need lots of Pink Gems, Gold, and Frozen Hearts to unlock all the powers you’ll need to survive. Like in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, the developers of Shining Nikki have released a few codes to help you along the way. They don’t usually last long so be sure to redeem them as soon as you can.

All Shining Nikki codes

Shining Nikki codes (Working)

These are all the currently working codes for Shining Nikki.

  • LITTLESTAR — Reward: 20x Pink Gems, 10x Frozen Hearts: R, 10k Gold (NEW)
  • Modric0202 — Reward: 30x Pink Gems, 10x Poetry of Time, 10k Gold (NEW)

Shining Nikki codes (Expired)

These codes for Shining Nikki have, unfortunately, already expired.

  • Mercury0109
  • HAPPY2023
  • nADkyeTHDfjc
  • nADmbDQx5xUK
  • nADja5p86yPk
  • nADfRUtTxjFc
  • nADeAD68s34U
  • nADsKAd2WSCN
  • nADnBdD5qmSE

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How do you redeem codes in Shining Nikki?

It is easy to redeem codes in Shining Nikki, but you will need to make your way through the tutorial until you get the option to dye your hair. After that point, just follow these simple steps:

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Click on your Profile Picture in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select Settings and then click on Redeem Code at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type the code into the text box that appears. Click Claim and the reward should be added to your account.

How to get more Shining Nikki codes with Facebook and Reddit

The developers of Shining Nikki don’t put out new codes often, so you need to be tuned into their social media channels to be one of the first to get new codes when they’re released. The best places to find new codes are on the Shining Nikki Facebook page and by joining the r/Shining_Nikki subreddit, where fans often post new codes shortly after they’re announced.

Why aren’t my Shining Nikki codes working?

Usually, when a Shining Nikki code isn’t working, it is because they have expired without warning. This usually happens when new codes are added, so check some of the above pages to see if anything new has been released. If you’re sure that the code should be working, make sure you’ve typed it correctly. Codes in Shining Nikki are case-sensitive, so a simple typo can cause them to register as invalid.

How to join a guild in Shining Nikki

Shining Nikki isn’t just about putting on pretty dresses and fighting evil. It is also about working with other players to save the world. You can join a guild to help other players with their journey or get them to lend you a helping hand. To join a guild, you need to complete all the story missions through to Chapter 2 Part 7. During the next part of the story, you’ll visit a new part of Miraland that will allow you to join a guild or even start one of your own. Guilds combine their stylists’ power to help their members earn more powerful outfits and accessories, so they’re worth joining.

What kind of game is Shining Nikki?

The developers of Shining Nikki have combined several different genres into a single game. There are elements of visual novels, dress-up games, and some gacha elements mixed in for good measure. You recruit new Reflections to help boost your stats in combat and use the power of Nikki’s overwhelming cuteness to blow your opponents away. Your outfits give you better combat abilities as well as being adorable, which is always a plus.