How to fix Apex Legends “No Servers Found” error

No room at the inn.

Image via Respawn

Most Apex Legends players are used to some error codes flying around on update day. It comes with the territory for the fun battle royale title from Titanfall devleopers Respawn.

The “No Servers Found” error is usually driven by two issues. The first is a general server outage. The second is when Respawn struggle to get enough servers back up quickly after an update. With lots of people logging out, updating, and logging in at the same time, this leads to something of a rush on the servers.

It’s not always possible for the developers to meet that demand, so some players get error messages telling them that no servers could be found. The only solution is to wait a while, and try again.

There is one thing that particularly impatient players can do, if they are desperate to get into the new content. The “No Servers Found” error seems to be far more prominent on Steam than it is on Origin. Players who would prefer not to wait can always try and load in on the other platform.

Of course, this means having a copy of the game installed on each gaming launcher, and unless you have particularly fast internet, you more than likely won’t be able to get the game fully installed on a new launcher before Respawn can resolve whatever the log on issue is.

Other than that, all you can really do is just wait out the issue, and keep trying to log on.