What is ordnance in Apex Legends? Answered

Grenades, mortars, artillery… anything that goes BANG!

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In Apex Legends, the term ordnance refers to any explosive weapon or item which you can throw, launch, or else call in remotely. Some ordnance can be found in Supply Bins, Loot Ticks, and just randomly lying around in the kinds of places you usually find loot in Apex Legends. The two main types of ordnance are those that any Legend can use, and those that are the Tactical Skills and Ultimate Skills of specific Legends.

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Which ordnance can be used by any Legend in Apex Legends?

Frag Grenades, Arc Stars, and Thermite Grenades can all be used by any Legend.

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  • Frag Grenade: A common thrown explosive that works much like frag grenades in numerous other games.
  • Thermite Grenade: An incendiary weapon that creates a wall of fire upon detonation. Enemies caught in the initial blast take damage, as do any who set foot in the flames.
  • Arc Star: A cross between a shuriken and a sticky grenade that sticks to its target and does electrical arc damage that destroys shields.
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Which ordnance can only be used by specific Legends?

Gibraltar and Caustic each have one ordnance skill, while Bangalore and Fuse both have two ordnance skills.

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  • Bangalore — Smoke Grenade: This isn’t so much a weapon (although it does do minor damage to any enemy it hits directly) as a stealth tool. It covers a large area in smoke, allowing Bangalore and her squad to move unseen.
  • Bangalore — Creeping Barrage: A slow-moving artillery barrage that does damage, slows movement, and reduces visibility.
  • Gibraltar — Mortar Bombardment: Works a lot like Creeping Barrage, only it doesn’t move, so the bombardment is concentrated on a smaller area.
  • Caustic — Nox Gas Grenade: Contrary to what you might expect, this doesn’t cause poison damage. But it slows and effectively blinds enemies caught in its cloud, which makes them an easy target for Caustic, who can see through his own gas.
  • Fuse — Knuckle Cluster: This cluster grenade is especially useful for clearing enclosed spaces of enemies and of traps.
  • Fuse — The Motherlode: Like a cross between a mortar and a Thermite Grenade, this skill creates a large circular wall of fire around its impact point, which can be used to trap enemy squads.