Will Apex Legends have cross progression?

Can you keep your hot cosmetics across platforms?

Apex Legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment/EA

Most of the popular multi-platform live service games these days have introduced some form of cross progression, allowing players to carry their stats and cosmetics over no matter which machine they’re playing on. That isn’t the case with Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment and EA, but Respawn has acknowledged the possibility multiple times. While cross progression is in the works for Apex Legends, there are some technical and logistical obstacles in the way.

Unlike another current EA title, Knockout City, Apex Legends did not launch with crossplay or cross progression support. While Apex eventually incorporated crossplay, Respawn director of communications Ryan K. Rigney relayed to fans that cross progression was a tougher implementation while participating in an August Reddit AMA. “Cross progression is gnarly as hell in terms of being a problem to solve,” said Rigney. He then went on to describe it as “a mess” due to account merging, but especially because of legal and contractual issues relating to how different platforms and regions handle purchases.

A month before the AMA, game director Chad Grenier also blamed hackers attacking the game’s servers as stalling development on cross progression. Still, Rigney in the AMA stated “next year” as a window for cross progression in Apex Legends, meaning sometime in 2022. Rigney finished by saying that “[Respawn is] working on it, and we’re committed to delivering it.” Apex Legends is playable on Steam, Origin, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, and hopefully, you’ll be able to equip those rad Seer skins on the same account from all of those platforms by then.