Arby’s DnD Dice Explained: Are They Coming Back?

Back on the menu.

Image via Arby’s

Fast Food chain Arby’s ran a promotion in 2021 where they gave away Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) dice sets with certain meal purchases. As one would expect, the exclusive dice became a massive hit, and as it was only a limited-time offer, many enthusiasts missed out on the opportunity of owning one. Since then, fans have been hoping that the coveted Arby’s DnD Dice would return; fortunately for them, it is back on the menu.

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What is Arby’s DnD Dice?

Arby’s DnD Dice set contains 7 different types of polyhedral dice, each having a unique shape. What makes each dice special is its translucent design and the hat icon on one side. The numerals on the dice are golden, giving it a royal touch. There is also an Arby’s logo on one side of the dice.

How to get Arby’s DnD Dice

Unlike the previous promotion from Arby, where the DnD Dice were handed out with specific meals, this time around, interested fans can directly buy the dice set for $12 from Arby’s Shop.

Arby’s DnD Dice: When will Arby’s DnD Dice return?

While most of the time, when a new promo launches, it’s usually tied to an upcoming event, movie, or series; this is not the case with the current Arby’s promotional deal. Although a DnD-inspired movie, Honour among thieves, was released recently, it is not the cause for Arby’s bringing the dice set back.

Since the last time, Arby’s offered the dice set was almost two years ago, it would be best to take advantage of the opportunity this time if you are interested. It is likely that the offer won’t return for an extended period, and even if it does, the set probably won’t be the same.