DnD 5E: How To Claim Free Starter Set (Before It’s Replaced)

The Lost Mine of Phandelver D&D 5E Starter Set won’t be free for much longer.

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

One of Dungeons & Dragons 5E’s most beloved adventures is currently free to download on D&D Beyond, but it will soon be delisted and turned into Legacy content before being replaced. Fortunately, you have a few more days to claim it before it’s switched out with a different Starter Set.

D&D 5E is the most successful edition of the game ever made, and a lot of players’ introduction to the game was via its first Starter Set, which featured a mini-campaign called Lost Mine of Phandelver. In this beginner-friendly adventure, players must defeat the evil that is threatening the town of Phandalin, as a mysterious foe is seeking powerful magic that is hidden nearby.

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How To Claim D&D 5E’s Lost Mine Of Phandelver Before It’s Delisted On October 6

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

While Lost Mine of Phandelver can be bought as part of the original Starter Set, it has been available as a free download on D&D Beyond for a while now. If you want to claim Lost Mine of Phandelver for free, simply sign into your D&D Beyond account, visit this link, and click “Claim” to add it to your library.

You have until October 6, 2023, to claim Lost Mine of Phandelver for free, but you can still access it after that date after claiming it. From October 6, it will be replaced with Stormwreck Isle, an adventure from the most recent Starter Set, which can also be purchased as part of a physical edition, with dice and pre-made character sheets.

The reason why Lost Mine of Phandelver is being retired is because it has been replaced. Lost Mine of Phandelver has been remastered as part of Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk, which not only revamps the adventure but turns it into the first act of a three-act campaign, fleshing out the story and continuing from the events people are familiar with.

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Those who miss out on the original version of Lost Mine of Phandelver can still play it by purchasing the original Starter Set, should they be looking for something to introduce new players to the game. Stormwreck Isle can also fill this role when it becomes the new free adventure, so you won’t be missing out on something beginner-friendly for your group if you miss the download window.