all lootable chest locations in the wilderness in assassins creed mirage
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Assassin’s Creed Mirage: All Lootable Chest Locations in the Wilderness Region

The Wilderness region in Assassin's Creed Mirage is packed with things for Basim to find, including lootable chests with resources.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, players will take on a smaller story that’s more refined than previous entries. It’s a linear adventure through Basim’s story, but it still has a fairly large open world for everyone to explore between missions.

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As players should expect, every region of the open world has a set of collectibles. These range from those with story implications to ones that add historical context to the world. One of the most common is lootable chests, which are scattered all over the place.

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All Lootable Chest Locations in The Wilderness Region in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

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Below, we’ve outlined all the lootable chests we’ve found in the Wilderness region in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. This is the massive expanse around Baghdad, where players start the game and can spend a huge chunk of time.

The story starts in this region, though players aren’t aware of it at the time, and will pick up from there once again after players make a trip to Alamut. If players don’t want to find themselves searching fo resources so they can get crucial upgrades later on, they should take note and grab as many of these chests as they can. They’re also incredibly important for hitting 100% completion.

***This guide is in progress and we will be adding more chests as we find them in Assassin’s Creed Mirage***

Chest LocationHow to Find it
Anbar Lootable Chest 1
Players will find This chest inside a building very early in the story while exploring Anbar as Basim.
Anbar Lootable Chest 2
Players will find this chest on the way to steal the ledger as part of their first job as Basim.
Anbar Lootable Chest 3
Before players speak with Nehal and head to The Winter Palace, they can find this chest around the corner from the hideout.
Winter Palace Lootable Chest 1
Players can find this lootable chest in a room close to where they enter the Winter Palace.
Winter Palace Lootable Chest 2
This chest is located in a side room off of the rectangular room in Winters Palace, where players need to avoid patrolling guards.
Water Mill Chests Location
Once players leave Alamut, they’ll enter the north of the Wilderness region. Once they encounter the Water Mill settlement, they can find two chests hidden away inside one of the buildings. One of these is a Gear Chest. Once players find the nearby key, they can open both of these chests and claim the loot.
Dur-Kurigalzu Lootable Chest 1
When players find the Dur-Kurigalzu location in the northern part of the Wilderness region, they’ll quickly discover they can get inside. This chest is located behind the movable boulder that players will need to interact with when trying to get deeper into the cave.
Dur-Kurigalzu Lootable Chest 2
While exploring the cave under Dur-Kurigalzu, players will eventually find a Gear Chest. After collecting what’s inside, they can exit via the waterfall nearby. This lootable chest is behind that waterfall.
Mercenary Group Chest Location
This chest is guarded by a group of mercenaries out in the northern part of the Wilderness region. Players must kill the mercenaries before they can get it, which includes one armored foe. If players struggle to find it, they should ride between Dur-Kurigalzu and the North Oasis Viewpoints.

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