Assassin’s Creed Mirage: How to Get the Upper Harbor Gear Chest

Get a Baghdad-styled Asssasin’s Outfit by opening the Upper Harbor Gear Chest in AC Mirage.

Image by Gamepur

Assassin’s Creed Mirage names its collectible in a very straightforward way — Gear Chests are exactly what they say they are. However, a couple of puzzles must be solved first to crack them open and get a new outfit for Basim. In AC Mirage, gear isn’t just aesthetics, as each comes with a particular boost, which makes gear worth collecting for everyone. Still, you must clear how to get the Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s Upper Harbor. 

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How to Solve the Upper Harbor Gear Chest Puzzle in AC Mirage

Upper Harbor Gear Location AC Mirage
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Upper Harbor Gear Chest is on a big docked ship in Upper Harbor. You likely ran into this chest’s map marker while freeing the rebels to earn Beshi’s favor as Ali’s Second-in-command. However, three wooden crates need to be rearranged.

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Grab the first wooden crate blocking the entrance and push it backward.
Jump over the slightly lower wooden crate to the right and grab the second movable wooden crate, which should now be to the left. Pull this crate toward you.
Once again, grab the first wooden crate, which should now be to your left, and push it forward.
Take a right and hug the stacked wooden boxes to the left to reach the back of the room. Grab the third movable wooden crate at the end of this hallway and pull it toward you.
Head back to where the first movable crate is now located, but take the route on the opposite side to the wicker wall. Finally, grab this wooden crate and pull it toward you to open the way to the chest.
Screenshot by Gamepur

To reach the Upper Harbor Gear Chest, turn around and hug the wicker wall. Inside this Gear Chest lies the Zanj Uprising Outfit, which reduces the impact of illegal actions on Basim’s notoriety by 20% on tier 1 and 40% when fully improved to tier 3.